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Beaches of Chalki. Kania, Pondamos, Ftenagia. Best coves in the North

Beaches of Chalki

Relaxation, peace and tranquility, on an island to be experienced slowly. These are the main reasons why you decide to spend a multi-day holiday in Chalki. The small Greek island, of course, is often a favorite destination for a day trip from nearby Rhodes. Here are some of the beaches of Chalki to visit in one or more days, depending on the time available.


Kania, Pondamos and Ftenagia are the best known and easily accessible beaches of Chalki. Precisely for this reason, they are the most animated (!!) during the high season.
Until June they still remain places of total peace.


Of the three it is, subjectively, the most beautiful. A small sandy cove with water of a thousand shades of blue. Perfectly equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds (not many) that you can rent at the tavern for €6.
The cost becomes free if you decide to stop for lunch at the excellent value for money tavern.

It is located just over two kilometers north of the port, easily reachable in 30 minutes on foot. Alternatively, you can arrive by minibus or with a transfer service by sea (5€ for round trip. Ask at the port).

Kania Halki Greece


An inlet consisting mainly of rocks and pebbles that fragment into small sandy areas.
There are sun beds, umbrellas and a tavern that offers a good lunch overlooking the turquoise waters and the islet in front of Rhodes.
It can be reached by walking for just over 10 minutes from the Port, after passing the suggestive chapel of Αγία Αικατερίνη


A small expanse of sand, not far from the port, and, for this very reason, the most touristic. In fact, it can be reached in just 10 minutes on foot.
There are umbrellas, sunbeds and a small tavern. The sea is quite beautiful.
It is located south of the Port.


The term “other” must not create misunderstandings. These are simply the most difficult beaches to conquer but, of course, the wildest and most fascinating.


By booking a gulet excursion from the Port (Giannis Express is a guarantee in this sense) you can easily reach the northern coves of the island. In this case you can probably admire the most fascinating and suggestive beaches of Chalki.


Beach located perfectly north of the Port. A suggestive expanse of sand, characterized by a richly colored sea, with turquoise and light blue tones.

Best of Beaches of Chalki


Beautiful cove located at the foot of the chapel of the same name, very far from the Port. You can arrive by boat but it is also possible to make a long and tiring excursion of 8 km!
Once you have reached the splendid bay, it is advisable to venture along the path that leads to the Chapel. You go up for over 200m, covering a stretch of about 1.2 kilometers.
The Church offers splendid views.
Rather windy beach with no facilities.


Two beautiful coves located south of the Kastro, reachable in over an hour’s walk from the port.
Beautiful and evocative, both require a minimum of physical preparation: you will have to tackle paths, quite challenging dirt roads with a difference in height of over 200 meters.

From the Kastro there are two different paths that lead to the beach in over 20 minutes.
The effort is certainly rewarded by the suggestive context and the tranquility and tranquility of the place. The sea is really beautiful. Attention only to the Meltemi which often gives no respite.

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