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Getting around Brac, in Croatia, by public transport, car, scooter, taxi

Getting around Brac

In Brac you can move easily by car, scooter and convenient public transport. The roads, although not particularly modern, allow you to reach almost all the villages without particular worries.


With an area of ​​about 400 square kilometers, the scooter, and the quad, is a possible solution for getting around Brac. With due care.
Especially in some parts, where the elbow bends and the numerous bends invite to the utmost caution.
Far from the inhabited centers, you will find poor lighting.
This solution is preferable to cover short / medium range distances and to reach small solitary coves.
We recommend, in this sense, to stay in Supetar, or Bol, to also use the convenient bus for long-distance distances.


The best solution for getting around in Brac, without being subject to bus schedules and the dangers of a scooter ride.
All the main villages of the island are connected, among them, by roads, mostly asphalted.
Generally, you will not have particular difficulty in parking, even in high season.
Some scenic roads are really suggestive, offering wonderful views and a breathtaking view on the island. This is the case, for example, of the stretch from Bol to Gornji Humac. Other roads, however, cross fields of olive trees and Mediterranean scrub.


If you do not travel with your own vehicle, as soon as you reach the island you will find numerous agencies to rent cars, scooters or quads. Coming by sea from Split, in the capital you will find many counters a short distance from the port.
Rentamotorino, for example, offers 50cc scooters at around 190kn per day, for weekly rentals; 125cc scooter at 230kn per day, always for weekly rentals.

Green, diesel and LPG petrol stations are mainly located in the inhabited areas of Supetar, Bol and Milna. Before starting your journey, it is advisable to fill up because on many secondary roads you will not find any petrol stations for several kilometers.

Getting around Brac


Taxis are not a particularly widespread solution. As always, we advise you to check the tariff in advance, checking the presence of the meter on the vehicle.
In general, you can contact your hotel to call a taxi.


Autotrans it is the local company that manages public transport on the island. The buses connect, in a capillary way, the main centers of Brac. If you are not particularly allergic to waiting times and delays, moving to Brac by bus could be a good solution. Also to save money.

Connections are more frequent between Supetar, Bol and Milna. In high season, there are 10, or more daily connections Supetar-Bol, Supetar-Praznica or Supetar-G.Humac.
The races are active every day, including Sundays and holidays, after the 06:00, up to 21:00 approximately. After this time you will not find buses on duty. You will have to move with your own vehicle or, alternatively, call a taxi.


The price of tickets varies depending on the route, and distance. A trip from Supetar to Milna, and vice versa, costs 31Kn per person, with a travel time of about 30 minutes.
From Supetar to Bol, however, you pay 45kn per person, with a travel time of about 80 minutes.
It is allowed to transport two small bags per person. In general, a surcharge of 7 to 10kn per person per way is required to carry the suitcases.

The greatest difficulty in getting around Brac by public transport is getting tickets. Often, it is not possible to buy them on the vehicle; sometimes, a decidedly increased figure is required.
In Supetar, at the central station, you should be able to buy tickets at the point of sale.
The more practical, however, can buy the e-ticket, online on the official website
An app for Play stores is also available. After the purchase you will receive the receipt to show to the bus driver.

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