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Vacation in Brac: what to do and see. Best places and attractions.

Vacation in Brac

It is not for the nightlife, nor for the culture, that travelers choose a vacation in Brac. The sea has always been the absolute protagonist, with its famous beaches throughout the country. Despite this, the island has numerous points of interest not to be missed.
The white stone of Brac is famous all over the world. So much so that it has been used in the construction of famous buildings all over the world, such as the white house in Washington and the Reichstag in Berlin. The small settlement of Selca, in the hinterland east of the capital, is the main processing center for this material.

Here, below, the main places and villages not to be missed during your vacation in Brac.


It is the capital of the island and the main commercial port of Brac. With Bol, it is the most animated place on the island, often a venue for events and activities.
Its center is really nice and you can easily explore it in an afternoon.
Beautiful harbor and promenade, with many clubs, and beach bars, ideal for relaxing, sip an aperitif and spend pleasant evenings.
Among the most prominent places, the church of Sv. Peter, eighteenth century, partially renovated. At the end of Cape Sv.Nikolaus, do not miss the majestic mausoleum Petronović, created by the split sculptor Toma Rosandić.


Photo ©, Ante Perkovic

In the small village of Postira, which lies a few kilometers west of the capital, Arheološko nalazište Lovrećina it is one of the few sandy bays of the island. Here, there are some archaeological remains, including an ancient 6th century Basilica.


From the capital, you move along the western side for a few kilometers, and you reach Sutivan. It is a small, and ancient, fishing village, rather quiet. The coastline offers some very interesting bays and inlets.
In the village, do not miss the beautiful church of Sv.Ivan, built on the ruins of an ancient paleochristian chapel.
Along the road to the south that leads to Milan, do not miss a visit to the Park Pirode.In our opinion, the top place of a holiday in Brac with children. It is a kind of farm with different animals and adjoining playground and restaurant. The ideal place to relax your children, bringing them closer to nature, and to animals, through fun activities. Open every day, in high season, from 10:00 to 22:00.


In the hinterland of the island, stands the small village of Nereziska, until the nineteenth century, the largest center of the island. Do not miss the beautiful excursion to Pustinja Blaca, a spectacular 16th century monastery, literally clinging to a cliff, with Glagolitic inscriptions. Pustinja Blaca is a true natural and cultural phenomenon, a miraculous oasis of peace and memories of the distant past.
Open Tuesday to Sunday, from 09:00 to 17:00. Closed on Monday. Entrance and guided tour, cost 40Lune.


With Supetar, the largest center of the island, and top place of the holiday of Brac. It rises in the southern part of the island.
From a quiet village it has been transformed over the years into a lively and lively center. Merit above all of the famous beach of Zlatni Rat, whose images, and stories, have been around the world.
The small center is quite nice, full of clubs and beach bars. Above all along the small port.
In a splendid position, at the end of Glavice, stands the beautiful Dominican abbey, originally from the fifteenth century, open to the public by 09:00 at 19:00.

Vedova Gora, places of Brac

Photo ©, NH53

Above all, landscapes and the natural environment capture the visitor’s attention. Vedova Gora It is a splendid vantage point that offers stunning views, and fantastic views. Reachable through excursions, and even by car. From here, beautiful sunsets on Brac.

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