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Visby, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. How to get there by ferry, plane


One city, two souls.
Quiet and relaxing in winter, sparkling and lively in summer, when young Swedes animate the streets of the city.

Visby is a city suitable for all tastes, and all ages. It is located in Gotland, one of the largest islands in the Baltic Sea.
Here, you can admire a truly enchanting city, between ancient walls, remains of churches and an enviable historic center, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In summer, the Swedish city offers its best. Many museums and attractions are open to the public to be visited. But it is above all in this period of the year that the most important events on the island are concentrated, such as the Medieval Week in August, and the Stockholmsveckan with parties and discos in July.


Many consider it, with good reason, one of the most beautiful Nordic cities. We are sure that after a holiday on the island, you will also be of the same opinion.



It is the preferred means of transport coming from medium/long haul distances, with a stopover in Stockholm or Gothenburg. The airport is located just 4 km from the city. You can travel by car and by bus 61 (Gotland Region). In the latter case, the journey takes about 20 minutes, and the ticket costs 40 SEK per adult, and 30 SEK for children and teenagers up to 19 years.


The port of Visby (hamnterminal) is located at Färjeleden 3, a short distance from the center, about 2 km from Stora Torger.
You can easily get there by bus, using the urban line 6
It is especially in summer, with the arrival of many young people from the capital and the rest of the country, that the port comes alive.

Destination Gotland offers connections to Nynäshamn (60 km from Stockholm) at a cost of 264kr per person. The crossing takes just over 3 hours.
The same shipping company also connects the port of Oskarshamn in 2 hours and 50 minutes. The latter is located about 300 km from Gothenburg, and just under 400 from Copenhagen.

During the summer, several cruise lines call at the Port of Visby

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map of the city

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