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Go to Sweden. Best time for a holiday. Info climate, top and worst month

Go to Sweden

Climate is one of the most influential factors in choosing when to go to Sweden.

Thanks to an approximate extension of 1600 kilometers, the country has a fairly varied climate from North to South. It is, above all, during the winter that the most important climatic differences are recorded. Less obvious differences, however, in the summer. Spring and autumn, on the other hand, are seasons reduced to the minimum terms, if not, even, absent!

In the North, the temperatures are polar, characterized by very long and cold winters. The maximum temperatures, on average, are always attested under the 3 or 4°. In some inland areas of the North, you can also get to -35°. These areas are characterized by short summer, and incredibly long winters, with the sun setting in December and rising in late March.
From November, to March, the Northern Lights show becomes magical in Lapland, in the north-western end.

Best time to go to Sweden

Going south, the climate changes descending, especially in coastal regions, typically continental. Winters, therefore, are cold, but not cold. The rather pleasant summers with temperatures that, in full season, also reach the 30°. This is the best time when to go to Sweden, and to leave to discover the capital, Gothenburg, Malmö.

Through our κ index, we provide an evaluation for every single month. In this way, you can evaluate the best time when going to Sweden

January κκ
February κκ
March κκ
April κκ
May κκ
June κκκκ
July κκκκκ
August κκκκ
September κκκκ
October κκ
November κκ
December κκ


June is a great time to start discovering Stockholm, Gothenburg and the rest of the country. Who was not particularly allergic to low temperatures, however, in August could combine a beach holiday in the coastal areas of the South.
In November, pack yourself up for good, and do not give up on a holiday in Lapland. Especially if your destination was the sky center.


To visit the cities, it is not recommended to leave in winter. In this case, the flop month when going to Sweden is definitely February. You can not even console yourself with the December and January markets.

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