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Valletta. How to reach the Capital of Malta by plane X4 Bus, taxi


With an extension of less than 1 km², Valletta is, to all effects, the smallest capital of Europe.
Reduced and fairly concentrated, the Maltese capital is a splendid, picturesque, fascinating and incredibly suggestive town. It is the perfect combination of monuments, churches, splendid palaces and evocative landscapes.

The splendid fortified city boasts a centuries-old history, and, due to its unique beauty, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

A veritable beating heart of the island, it is one of the must-see stops on a vacation in the beautiful Maltese archipelago. A place where you will be able to admire so much history and, above all, culture. Suffice it to say that in the splendid Concattedrale of San Giovanni 2 paintings by Caravaggio are kept!

Among beautiful historic buildings, gardens, museums and cathedrals … there is really spoiled for choice.


Valletta Malta

The plane is the most comfortable and probably the only viable solution. The ship that docks in Malta, in fact, starts exclusively in Sicily, in southern Italy.
By plane, you land in the only airport on the island, located at Luqa, a few kilometers from the city.


Malta public transport guarantees public transport within the islands of Malta and Gozo.
Outside the airport is the station where buses leave for the whole island. The X4 bus connects Birzebuggia and Valletta every day from Monday to Sunday, passing through the airport. In the city, the terminus is located near the Triton Fountain.
In summer, the ticket for a single bus ride costs 2.00€ per person.


Every day, 24 hours on 24, you can use taxis for travel between the international airport, the capital and the island of Malta.
Taxis are easily identifiable, generally white with sign and license number on the side.
They hardly carry more than 4 people and the fare follows a clear and transparent tariff.
For the Capital, the cost of the journey is 15.00€, excluding tips and any baggage surcharges. In any case, it is advisable to ascertain the cost of the journey in advance.
Traveling as a family, it could be a more comfortable solution than the bus.

Renting a car directly at the airport is recommended for those who wish to tour the island on their own. By booking online, with a reasonable advance on the departure date, you can get fairly cheap rates. Info and reservations from here.

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map of the city

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