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Drive in Malta. Info, speed limits, road signs, documents, children, rules

Drive in Malta

Malta has an efficient public transport service, which allows you to travel almost anywhere. Cars, or theirs, remain valid alternatives to move independently. Here are some valuable information to drive in Malta.
As always, we recommend following some basic and universal rules: always respect the speed limits. Avoid driving after drinking alcohol: the limit is 0.8 g/l. Zero tolerance throughout the country. There are severe penalties, and even arrest.

In case of infringement, it is not mandatory to pay the fine on the spot, as long as you do it before leaving the country.


Unlike most of Europe, in Malta you drive LEFT. Always remember to respect the safety distance.
It is always necessary to give priority to pedestrians crossing or about to cross a road; even when there are no pedestrian crossings on the ground.

In the event of an accident, you MUST ALWAYS STOP and provide assistance where necessary. It is mandatory to provide personal details.


Driving license, registration certificate and valid insurance certificate. If you are driving a vehicle that is not your own, we recommend that you take a DELEGATION TO CONDUCT. This is a delegation of the vehicle owner with an authenticated signature. It is not mandatory.

Drive in Malta


The seat belts must be fastened to all seats, front and back (if any).
On motorcycles and mopeds, the helmet is mandatory for driver and passenger.
It is mandatory to have a triangle in the car. The reflective jacket and a first aid bag are recommended.


The Maltese road signs are, almost everywhere, similar to the British one. However, to a lesser extent, it is possible to find Italian signals.
The speed is always expressed in Km/h, while the distances in meters.

There are no highways in Malta. The main arteries are the dual carriageway state roads which connect the main villages of the island.
Generally, they are rather smooth roads, even if the speed limit is not particularly high.
There are also roads with only one lane and, of course, busy roads within cities. Over all, those of the Capital.
To reach some wilder coves, you go through dirt roads, not too modern. Only a little caution is recommended.

The Maltese are often labeled as reckless drivers. From personal experience, we have not found particular differences in driving with other Western countries.


Road speed limits, unless expressly indicated by specific signs, are always the following:

50 km/h in population centers.
80 km/h outside built-up areas and on state roads.


All children under the age of 3 must always be insured with child seats, appropriate for their weight, and approved in compliance with the minimum safety requirements. The belts, of course, must be well fastened. Children between the 3 and 12 years, and height less than 150cm, must travel, PREFERABLY, on restraint systems suitable for height and age. Belts MUST always be connected.
Always remember that these rules are necessary to ensure the safety of your children. Apply them scrupulously.

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