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Malta Three cities. Info, practical guide. How to get there, what to do & see

Malta Three Cities

The so-called Malta Three Cities, Bormla, Birgu and Isla, represent incredibly, fascinating, and evocative places.
Three fortified cities that bear the marks of history, whose origins date back as far as the Middle Ages, in the case of Birgu. Bormla and Isla, on the other hand, were founded by Knights Hospitallers between XVI and XVII century.
Malta three cities are also known by the names of Cospicua, Senglea and Vittoriosa.

Symbols of the history of Valletta, of the splendor and tenacity of the Calieri di San Giovanni who founded their first historic capital right here.

Today, Malta three cities represent a rather quiet place isolated from the context. Less touristy areas of the center of Valletta, but, not for this reason, less fascinating. Quite the contrary.
It is precisely the relative tranquility, peace and harmony that can be felt in these places that make the Three Cities of Malta truly fascinating.
Among splendid fortifications, narrow and suggestive alleys, and splendid monuments.

Cospicua Malta



All year round, 7 days on 7, connections are guaranteed from the Capital to Cospicua, by ferry.
The crossing takes about 10 minutes.
In Valletta, the ferry leaves from the pier located on the lower level of the Upper Barakka gardens. From the latter, you can access with a convenient lift.
Alternatively, you can walk along the harbor, or use the 133 bus getting off at the nearby Kurcifiss stop.
At Cospicua, the boat stops a short distance from the Church of St Tereza, and from the Bir Mula Heritage Museum.


From November to May, departures every 30 minutes, from Cospicua from 06: 30 to 19: 00; from Valletta, from 06: 45 to 19: 15.
From 01 June to 31 October, ferries depart at the same times and frequencies as in winter; in these periods, however, a service upgrade is planned, with 5 night runs, from Cospicua, from 19: 45 to 23: 30, and from Valletta, from 20: 00 until midnight.

The ticket for the single journey, costs 1.50 € per adult, and 0.50 € for children and over 60.
Round trip, which also includes the Upper Barrakka Gardens lift, costs 2.80 € per adult and 0.90 € reduced.
On night rides, the standard 1.75 € fare for the outward journey applies, and 3.30 € for the return journey.
With the Weekly Pass, you can travel unlimited on the ferry, for 7 consecutive days, starting from the first validation. The pass costs 10.00 € per person.


Arrived at the port of Cospicua, we recommend starting the tour of the Three Cities of Malta, starting from Isla, and following it in its entirety to the most extreme point, where the splendid ones arise Gardijola Gardens.
A splendid church precedes the suggestive gardens that offer a spectacular view of the Capital and the whole Bay.
Of the beautiful Cospicua, however, do not miss the historic door of Saint Helena, which gives access to the city, and the beautiful Church of the Immaculate Conception. The church is located north of the Porta a Triq Il-Pellegrinaag.
A beautiful baroque church, opened during masses. Not to be missed.

It is, without a doubt, Birgu / Vittoriosa, the main reason for visiting the Three Cities of Malta. A really beautiful place, which should be seen slowly, walking among the beautiful narrow alleys and the soft honey-colored houses. Among the historic walls, admiring its incredible views, and along the splendid Marina.
Osteria Ve, a Alessandru VII, is ideal for lunch or dinner. Very top quality-price, in a welcoming environment.
Shortly thereafter, the Inquisitor’s Palace, is a beautiful building that, century ago, was the seat of the Holy Inquisition of Malta. Today it is used as a museum, with depictions and installations dating back to the inquisitorial period.
Open every day, from 09: 00 to 17: 00. Recommended, above all, having some time available.

Malta Three Cities

Don’t miss the Forte Sant’Angelo, at the end of Vittoriosa. It is a suggestive fortified bastion, emblem of the Order of San Giovanni, and strategic point of the Maltese trades.
A truly beautiful and fascinating historic place, at the top of which you can enjoy a fantastic view across the bay.
You can visit the walkways, ammunition and weapons depots, infirmary reconstructions and soldiers’ chambers.
Open every day, including Sundays and holidays, from 09: 00 to 17: 00. For the entire month of September and October, late closure at 18.
The standard fare ticket, including the Upper Fort tour, costs 13.00 €. Reduced for students, over 60 and boys from 12 to 17 years, 8.00 €.

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