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Getting around Malta by car, scooter, bikes, public transport. Info, prices

Getting around Malta

By bus, car or scooter, you can move around Malta following your own pace and needs.
Public transport is the ideal solution for those who want to save money. Cars and scooters involve higher prices for rental and fuel, but greater autonomy in travel.


It is not the ideal way for getting around Malta. Moreover, the Maltese are not very used to seeing so many around. Furthermore, many roads are particularly dangerous for cyclists.
Almost everywhere, there are no cycle paths.
Of course, in some particularly congested areas, it can be a valid aid to overcome the traffic problem. Especially in tourist centers.
On the whole island, there are plenty of rental agencies.


About 27 kilometers long, a little more than 14, the island can easily be toured by scooter rather than by car.
Getting around Malta with your own vehicle is only recommended for those who do not wish to be subject to timetables, and move around in complete autonomy.
It is not at all true, instead, that you can reach all the coves only by scooter or car. Almost everywhere, buses also arrive.
For those who get behind the wheel, remember that in Malta you drive on the left!


Getting around Malta

Efficient, fairly modern, and running practically all day. The buses, in our opinion, are an excellent option for getting around Malta. Contrary to what one might think, today, with the over 100 lines, you can get almost anywhere.
The network, in fact, is extended in a capillary way over the whole island, reaching also the nearby Gozo.
Sometimes, in high season, it may happen that you can’t find space in the first bus. Especially in intermediate stops. It only takes patience to be next!

Daytime lines, numbered from 90 to 1, circulate on the island. To these are added the 280 lines that perform service of connection for the airport, identified by the letter X.
The TD lines, on the other hand, offer a fast and direct connection with some of the main towns on the island. These include the University, Pembroke Park, Rabat, Valletta, Bugibba, St. Julian or Marsaxlokk. Frequencies and times depend on the line, and range from 30 to 60 minutes.
The TD2 and TD3 lines make a round trip between the airport and Bugibba or St. Julien. In this case, they work every day from the 04:00 at midnight.

The service is completed by the night lines, active starting from the 23:00 up to the 02:30. The letter N followed by the line number identifies the night buses. The night service is active in connections with the main towns on the island, including Bugibba, Mosta, San Giljan, Rabat.


Malta is a particularly beautiful island, with lots of places and monuments to visit. For this reason, the EXPLORE CARD they are really ideal during your vacation. It is available in two versions, standard and PLUS. They offer unlimited access on 7 day vehicles, and entry to many monuments and sites of interest in Malta and Gozo.
Explore Card standard costs 21€ per adult, and 15€ for children under the age of 10.
With the PLUS version, at the cost of 39€, you will also have the possibility of making two boat crossings to Valletta, and a boat tour to Comino and Gozo.

There are different types of tickets for getting around Malta by bus. If you intend to move occasionally, we recommend buying tickets from single journey, directly on board the vehicle.
The price changes depending on the period. In summer it is 2.00€, while, from mid-October to mid-June, the price is 1.50€. On night lines, the ticket, which can be purchased on board, costs 3.00€.
The 12 Single Day Journey it is, instead, an excellent solution for group travels, and for families. Very popular. This ticket, in fact, allows 12 trips within the island, even simultaneously. It is worth 12 months from the first validation, and costs 15.00€. You can also use it on night lines and TD; in this case, 2 trips will be scaled with each use.

Tallinja Card instead, is recommended to those who want to use public transport frequently. This is a personal card, named, on which you will have to put your photo. It costs 10€, but allows you to travel at the cost of 0.75€ on public transport in Gozo and Malta, with a cost cap of 26€ per month. Once this limit is exceeded, you will travel for free until the end of the month. In other words, after 35 you use, you will travel for free.
Suitable for long stays in Gozo and Malta.

To visit the Capital, encourage them to take a look at the specific section dedicated to Valletta and the means in the city.

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