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Bellagio Dancing Fountains Las Vegas. How to get, times, music, price

Bellagio Dancing Fountains

Las Vegas hotel resorts are often cities in cities. Incredible places of attraction, not to be missed, during a vacation in Las Vegas. The Bellagio Hotel is no exception. Located along the Strip, it is inspired by the romantic landscapes of Lake Como. Right here, every day you can watch one of the most interesting shows in the city.

Many could turn up their noses. It is quite difficult to think that a show offered by a Hotel can be really interesting. Pay a visit to the Bellagio, and you will have time to think again.

You can watch an evocative, and exciting, show of water games, lights and music, in the large artificial lake that precedes the hotel. You will be able to admire a series of water jets, up to 76 meters high, which move to the rhythm of music, forming spectacular scenery. The movements perfectly follow the background music, creating a sort of empathy between water, light and sound. You will be literally hypnotized. Designers, international artists, engineers have contributed to this ambitious project.

Romantic. Exciting. Oddities. The Bellagio dancing fountains represent one of the most fascinating events.

Bellagio Dancing Fountains



The Bellagio dancing fountains are located along the famous Las Vegas Strip, where the artificial lake of the Bellagio Resort rises.

You can easily reach the location on foot, by taxi or by public transport in the city. From this link, all the info and costs for getting around Las Vegas.


The show is completely free.

It takes place every day, from Monday to Friday, every 30′ from 15:00 to 19:00; every 15′, from 19:00 to midnight.
Saturdays, Sunday and public holidays, every 30′ from 12:00 to 19:00. Every 15′ from 19:00 to midnight.


It ranges from classical and lyric pieces, to Broadway music and folk songs, to modern pop. Every show always presents novelties and differences in expression and interpretation.

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. With you I will leave with Andrea Bocelli. Sinatra’s Lucky be a Lady and Fly to the Moon are some of the songs on offer. And, again, Elvis Presley, Ennio Morricone, Pavarotti, Whitney Houston and many other artists.

*Schedule, program and accesses are subject to change without notice based on the provisions and regulations regarding Covid-19. Please inquire carefully about the laws applied in the area and in the city.

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