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Houses with Eyes, in Sibiu in Transylvania. More curious attractions to see

Houses with Eyes

Transylvania: a land that combines charm, art and mystery.
A land almost indissolubly linked to the myth of Dracula.
But also a unique region of its kind, which sometimes contains unsolved puzzles.

So you might stumble upon incredibly beautiful places that have amazing stories to tell.
Sibiu, for example, is the only city in the world where houses have eyes and bridges have ears!

Don’t expect to see giants come to life though. None of this because in reality there is very little mysterious and supernatural.

Houses with Eyes of Sibiu

Rather, a visit to Sibiu can offer an unexpected holiday. One of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania.
And, right in its splendid historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will be able to admire the Houses with Eyes. A somewhat strange and curious attraction that is not seen every day.



The Houses with the Eyes are located in different parts of the city, including Piata Mare. This is the majestic main square of Sibiu, surrounded by beautiful and colorful Baroque style buildings.
You have to reach Piața Mică 1, where Turnul Sfantului is located, and immediately to the left of the Tower you will have to look up to admire the Houses.

Another observation point is behind the Bridge of Lies.

In any case, these are points located in the historic center and easily reachable on foot.


The Eyes of Sibiu are actually rather narrow windows, obtained from a slight bend in the roof tiles.
Their shape was used with the aim of ventilating the environment by filtering little light. The reason is mainly due to the fact that meats, cheeses and cereals were kept in the ancient attics.
Their shape resembles that of a half-closed eye.

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