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See in Sibiu: Council Tower, Piata Mari, Liars Bridge, best museums

See in Sibiu

The charm and magic of Transylvania finds its highest expression in Sibiu. A holiday in the most evocative region in the collective imagination cannot ignore a visit to this beautiful city.
The Romanian city is a perfect combination of history, art and tradition, in the heart of Transylvania.


The visit of Sibiu focuses on the two nuclei of the city: the upper part (Orașul de Sus), and the lower part (Orașul de Jos). The latter is the oldest part of Sibiu.


Large Square (Piața Mare) and Little Square (Piata Mica) represent the ideal starting point on what to see in Sibiu.

What to see in Sibiu Piata Mari

They are the natural continuation of each other, connected by the beautiful Council Tower.
The two squares boast the highest concentration of buildings in Sibiu and have been included with the historic center in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Piața Mare is a beautiful and elegant square, surrounded by Baroque-style buildings, colorful houses, museums and monuments.
Truly suggestive during the advent period, all dressed up and illuminated!
A lively square, rich in history, with a typical Central European atmosphere. Not to be missed.
A little further on, Piața Micā offers splendid glimpses of historic buildings (Casa Karl Jikeli) and curious houses (the Houses with the Eyes). The silhouette of the Cathedral dominates in the background.


The roads are also of great importance on what to see in Sibiu.
The Romanian city preserves important medieval remains along Strada Cetatii. You can admire three ancient towers, still perfectly preserved. In addition, there is part of the ancient walls on which it is possible to walk the path to admire the city from another perspective (Citadel Park Parcul Cetății).
You can go up from Turnul Dulgherilor (Carpenters), from Tuesday to Sunday, until 6pm. The climb costs 2lei per person.

Strada Nicolae Balcescu is a lively city artery, with many bars and clubs, surrounded by colorful buildings. It is the busiest place in the city. If you are looking for what to do and what to see in Sibiu in the evening, you have to go to these parts.


What to see in Sibiu cannot be separated from the Astra Complex, an extraordinary and immense ethnographic museum, the pride of the Region and of all of Romania. Info from here.

Muzeul Naţional Brukenthal panoramio Sibiu

Photo ©, Andrei Dan Suciu

In addition to the Astra, in Sibiu you will have the opportunity to visit some interesting museums.
The Natural History Museum is located in the lively Strada Cetății 1, housed in a historic building from the late 19th century. There are interesting exhibits on minerals and archeology, and a dinosaur garden. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00.
The ticket costs 20lei per person

In the very central Piata Mari stands the Muzeul Național Brukenthal, the most important art museum in all of Transylvania. It was inaugurated in 1817, and houses important paintings by Dutch, Flemish and Italian authors, and medieval Transylvanian works.
It is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 09:00 to 17:00. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
The ticket for entry to the Palace and for a visit to the European Art Gallery costs 39Lei.
To visit the Romanian art gallery on pagano 18lei.

The first Romanian pharmacy opened in Sibiu in the 15th century. It is no coincidence that this city hosts a special Pharmacy Museum in which a typical eighteenth-century pharmacy has been recreated. Within this small complex you will be able to understand all the pharmaceutical evolution from the past to the present day.



The Council Tower, together with the Bridge and the Houses with the Eyes, is an icon of Sibiu.
It dates back to the 13th century although it has been remodeled and restored several times over time. It is located between the two main squares of the city.
Over the centuries it has had numerous functions.
Don’t miss the ascent to the tower, with magnificent views over Sibiu. You pay only 2lei.

Sibiu Bridge of Lies

Photo ©, Catalin Bogdan

Stories and legends come together around the figure of the Bridge of Lies, a place not to be missed on what to see in Sibiu.
It was completed in 1859 and became, in fact, the first cast iron suspension bridge in Romania. Today it connects Piata Mica to Piata Albert Huet, passing over Strada Ocnei.
It never fails to be decorated and immortalized on ritual photos and selfies.
Be careful not to give you bad thoughts: it is said that the bridge knows how to recognize those who tell lies!

The Lutheran Cathedral of Sibiu dominates with its Piata Mica silhouette. It is the third largest church in Romania, with a tower about 75 meters high. Perfectly preserved, it dates back to the 1300s. At a cost of 15 lei you will have the opportunity to go up to the last level of the Tower for an unparalleled view over the whole city.

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