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Brasov, most beautiful cities in Transylvania, Romania. Arrive by bus train


The main gateway to Transylvania!

A picturesque town with a medieval appearance, Brasov is the most important city in all of Transylvania, as well as the second in importance and number of inhabitants in all of Romania. Located in a depression of the Southern Carpathians, the city is a cluster of alleys and suggestive streets and baroque facades, and the famous Mount Tampa as a frame.

Brasov is an extremely suggestive town; the splendid Black Church, and the famous Bastions, indelible testimony of its ancient fortifications and walls.

Brasov is also the focal point of all of Transylvania, near the famous Bran Castle and Rasnov Fortress, and just over 150 km from Bucharest.

Brasov Transylvania



The city does not have an airport, however, those wishing to use this means (recommended) can refer to Bucharest or, alternatively, to the small airport of Sibiu.

Considering the widest offer, it is advisable to make a stopover in Bucharest, about 170 kilometers away. From here, by bus and train, you can easily reach your destination. The train is the cheapest way: it takes about 2 and a half hours, with prices from 48.6lei per person.

The bus (Jetcab) takes the same time, but costs almost double the train: 90lei.


Several road routes converge in Brașov through beautiful hills. The car is by far the most used way to get to the city and to admire the most beautiful landscapes of Transylvania. Here are the main road arteries:

  • E60. Connects to the South of the Capital. To the north, it leads to Sighisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea and Budapest.
  • E68. It connects the area to the west in the direction of Sibiu, Deva, Arad and Timișoara in Hungary.
  • E574 runs north to the region of Romanian Moldova, Iași, and south to Pitesti and Craiova.


Several transport companies make daily connections with the beautiful Transylvanian city. By bus you can reach your destination at fairly cheap prices.

The Romanian Polosam offers connections from Sibiu in about 3 hours, with prices starting from 50lei. From Cluj Napoca it takes about 4 hours and 30; the ticket costs 110lei per person with Emmalines or Starcof buses

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