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Getting around Stockholm by metro, bus, tram, boats. Timetable

Getting around Stockholm

Metro, train, bus, tram and even boats: getting around Stockholm is not complicated at all. On the contrary. Thinking in terms of efficiency and punctuality, there is no doubt that the city has nothing to envy to cities like London or Paris. Here, below, all the info for getting around Stockholm by public transport.


Getting around Stockholm

The Stockholms Tunnelbana (T-Bahn) is the city’s underground, the main transport system; is owned by Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) which, however, has left its management to Veolia Transport, a French company!
One hundred stations, seven routes and three lines (green, red and blue). Here is the overall picture of the metropolitan system that connects, in a capillary way, the center with all the suburbs.
Most of the stations have been embellished with sculptures, mosaics, paintings and, above all, lots of graffiti, in an attempt to bring art closer to everyday life. The subways are marked on the outside by a blue T on a white background.

The subways operate, almost regularly, continuous service every weekday from 05:00 in the morning (first run for all lines) until one in the morning. On Fridays and Saturdays, however, they are open all night!


Like the metro, the road network is also highly efficient. It connects almost every corner of the city throughout the day.

In the city there are buses of two colors: reds, and the more recent blue. However, they are all managed by SL and in operation, thanks to the night service, practically all day.
Lines 47, which goes to Gröna Lund and the Vasa museum, and 69 which goes to Kaknästornet, are the most popular with tourists.


Trams, identified as urban transport line S7, go back and forth from Djurgården; they depart from Sergels Torg (connected to the T-centralen metro stop) to Waldermarsudde.
The cars are the same as those that circulated in Stockholm 40 years ago. From April to December they operate on Saturdays and Sundays, while in June, July and August, every day.


A valid alternative to move around Stockholm is by boat.

SL also manages the sea transport service from Nybroplan to Frihammen, and vice versa. The service runs every day from Monday to Friday from 05:20 (first ride) to 19:40 (last ride) from Nybroplan and from 05:52 to 19:11 from Frihammen. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the route from Nybroplan to Lidingöe and vice versa is active from 09.00 to 17.40. More information available on the official website.

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