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Stockholm public transport tickets. Precio sencillo, abonos

Stockholm public transport Tickets

To travel, it is advisable to purchase an SL Access Card at a cost of 20 SEK. This is an electronic card that can be recharged with credit that can be used for travel; just as if it were a phone sim. The credit is automatically deducted upon travel, by validating the Card at the entrances. All types of Stockholm public transport passes and tickets can be loaded onto the Card.

Since February 2017 the fare system has changed, eliminating the old Zone Tickets. Today, everything is simplified. The single ticket is valid for all journeys on public transport within 75 minutes of validation. With the same ticket, therefore, you can make more than one trip. Remember, however, that the journey MUST ALWAYS END within 75′ of validation. The full ticket costs 42 SEK per adult, and 26 SEK reduced.

Stockholm public transport Tickets

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The TRAVELCARD represents a solution for getting around Stockholm in complete peace of mind.

It is an advantageous 24 hour, 72 hour and one week subscription. It allows you to make unlimited travel for the chosen duration, on all city vehicles, including the boat of the Nybroplen-Frihammen line. Only the Card in the 7-day version can be purchased by reloading the SL Access Card. The 24h Travelcard costs 175SEK (110 in the reduced version) and the 72h one costs 350SEK (220 reduced); both are valid for the hours indicated from the moment of validation.

The weekly version, on the other hand, is valid from 00:00 on the day of validation until 04:30 on the day following the expiry date. It costs 455SEK (290 in the reduced version). This version can only be purchased COMBINED with the SL Access Card; otherwise, there is a surcharge of 20SEK.

Adults aged 20 and under, up to 64 years old, pay the full rate. Children aged 13 to 19 and over 65 are entitled to the reduced rate. CHILDREN UP TO 12 YEARS TRAVEL FOR FREE accompanied by a paying adult.


Stockholm public transport tickets can be purchased from vending machines, apps and authorized dealers.

The CONTACTLESS PAY AS YOU GO payment is very convenient. Simply place your card (or mobile device) on the reader. The journey takes 75 minutes, during which you can use multiple vehicles. In this case, every time you bring the card to the reader (within 75 minutes), no credit will be deducted. BUT REMEMBER TO ALWAYS USE THE SAME CARD or DEVICE, otherwise two or more transactions will be deducted.

Always remember to buy and validate your ticket before embarking on the journey. In fact, fines of up to 1500SEK are foreseen, in the event that the traveler does not have a travel document.

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