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Vacation in Skiathos. What to do and see. Best places, club and nightlife

Vacation in Skiathos

An island where you can breathe a cosmopolitan atmosphere, between sun, sea and lots of fun. Here are the reasons why more and more tourists decide to spend their holidays in Skiathos.

Beautiful and lush island, with thick vegetation, with beaches and inlets really beautiful and evocative. The Skiathos Holidays, however, are not exclusively sun and sea. You will find an extremely welcoming island, full of nightlife and really interesting places.

Here is a brief guide to places, beaches and places not to be missed during your vacation in Skiathos. Good fun.


The most interesting and evocative places that you should not miss to visit during your vacation in Skiathos.


Vacation in Skiathos, The monasthery

One of the most visited places on the island is certainly the monastery of the Annunciation, better known as Evangelistria Monastery. It is an ancient monastery, founded in 1794, in honor of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. Renovated and well cared for, the complex is located on a beautiful hill, in a privileged position, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view. And just as wonderful are the 4 km of scenic road that allow you to reach the place, from Skiathos Town.

Within the complex, there is an Orthodox church and a small museum with articles and various ecclesiastical artifacts, precious, manuscripts, and a photographic sequence on the Greek War of Independence. Obviously, there are no souvenir shops.

A peaceful and cute place to escape the routine of your vacation in Skiathos. Particularly indicated during the gray days.

It is also possible to reach the place by public transport. From Skiathos Town, a small bus leaves; the ticket costs 2,00€ per person.


Greek flag at kastro

Photo, 2007 Anders Ljungberg

The most beautiful and panoramic view of the whole island. These are the premises for which it is worthwhile to go on to Kastro. Really nice, and pleasant, to walk among the ruins of the ancient Castle. Get ready to make fantastic shots: from here, the view is absolutely magnificent. Along the entire medieval site, there are some splendid churches.

The Kastro overlooks the homonymous beach, very beautiful and, certainly, ideal for spending a few hours, lying in the sun, or in the water. A beach between rocky walls and rocks that surface almost everywhere.

You can arrive by sea, or through an evocative route on a dirt road, before continuing on a path. If you choose to get there on foot, we recommend that you use comfortable shoes and bring water. In any case, this is a must for your vacation in Skiathos.


You walk through the streets and alleys of the center, before climbing on a small promontory where stands Agios Nikolaos Church and the Clock Tower. It takes just over 10 minutes to climb the steps and alleys leading to the church, but the view of the city, especially at night, all lit up, is worth it.

Not far from the port, in the center, is the museum dedicated to Alexandros Papadiamantis, a Greek writer, originally from the island. The museum is set up inside the house where the great writer lived and died. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 09:30 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 20:00.


Sun, sea and a lot of nightlife. On the island, there are certainly clubs, lounges and bars ready to liven up your evenings during a vacation in Skiathos.

In Skiathos Town, the greatest number of places are concentrated where you can have fun, even before sunset, between aperitifs and good music; is walking on the port, which penetrates inside, between the streets and alleys of the center. Along Papadiamandis road, you will find a wide selection and selection. And, of course, there are no taverns.

The Kahlua Club is the ideal place to revel in the night and unleash you to the rhythm of music. Excellent cocktails. For info, it is available the official website from this link.

Excellent clubs for your nightlife, in Skiathos Town, is also the Pure.

Beach bars are very popular on the island. These structures are located directly on the most famous beaches, ready to liven up your evenings. Agia Paraskevi and the south of the island, in general, offer slightly softer atmospheres, but always full of fun for your Skiathos holidays.

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