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Getting around Skiathos by public transport. Bus timetables, ticket prices

Getting around Skiathos

Considering the rather small extent of the island, the best way to getting around Skiathos is, without a doubt, the scooter. Compared to public transportation, you will have much more freedom to move and visit the beaches at your leisure.

On the island there are numerous rental agencies, mainly concentrated in the port and in Skiathos Town. Right here, you will have ample choice and the possibility to rent the moped at the best price. Keep in mind, in any case, that to drive a “two-wheeler”, of any displacement, it is necessary to have a driving license A; it is not difficult to find agencies that rent a moped even with a B license; keep in mind, however, that you will not be covered by insurance in the event of a claim.

As an alternative to the moped, by necessity or by preference, one can opt for the car. A good idea would be to rent a car directly at the airport or at the port. Rates are not high at all.

Getting around Skiathos Greece


The best choice for a holiday devoted to saving. Keep in mind, however, the low extension of the public transport network. In fact, there are only two lines. The Line 1, starts from Skiathos Town, and is divided into two sections: the green line, direction Evagelistrias Monaster, and the Xanemos Beach blue line.

The Line 2, from Skiathos Town, follows the coastal road south of the city, reaching Koukonaries, one of the island’s best known beaches. Here is the complete list of stops:

1. Delta
2. Platania
3. Sfageia
4. Acropolis
5. Megali Ammos beach
6. Mitikas
7. Vasilias
8. Vasilias (Vrisi)
9. Agii Taxiarches
10. Achladies
11. Sclithri
12. Tzaneria
13. Vromolimnos
14. Kolios
15. Makri Katalima
16. Agia Paraskevi
17. Poros
18. Troulos crossroad
19. Victoria
20. Troulos
21. Amoni
22. Maratha
23. Mandraki
24. Strofilia
25. Agia Eleni
26. Koukounaries- END OF THE LINE

The ticket can be purchased directly on board the vehicle. The ticket for a complete ride costs 1,80€. The races in the high season have a frequency of 20 minutes. The initial stop is between the elementary school of skiathos and the port where the ships dock. Keep in mind that you may find a real crowd, in August, in the time slots between the 09:00 and 11:00 in the first leg, and after the 18:00 from Koukounaries.


A comfort solution. Taxis are active 24 hours on 24. The station is adjacent to the bus station at Skiathos Town. Taxis have a pre-set rate card; of course, if you are more people, we suggest you deal with the price. Baggage fees apply. Generally, for a ride from the airport, you pay about €15/20, excluding baggage.


Not all beaches can be reached by land. In this regard, from the port, daily taxi boats leave for some of the most beautiful and renowned beaches.

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