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Free Valencia Tour to visit the best places and monuments in the city

Free Valencia Tour

In the context of Street Art, the city of Valencia is one of the landmarks of artists and lovers of the genre.
The best way to discover this city, and this extraordinary, visionary, art, is certainly by relying on expert guides. And what’s better than a FREE Valencia Tour?

Through this link, you will discover all the best of street art, graffiti styles and real works of art on city walls. You can visit the ancient neighborhood of Barrio El Carmen, truly unique and incredible.

Thanks to your professional guide, you will begin to understand the graffiti and the art that revolves around them. You will discover the symbolism and the ideologies of the artists of the city. COMPLETELY FREE.

To those who had instead put aside some change, we recommend take a look at this link too, for a more complete (but paid) visit of the city and the Street Art



Free Valencia Tour

The free Valencia tour includes a guided tour, lasting around 120 ‘with industry experts.

The visit takes place exclusively in English.


The visit is completely free and no commission will be required. At the end of the tour, it will be your right to tip the guides. You need to book your free tour of Valencia, through this page.

The visit takes place exclusively on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 16:00 to 18:00 approximately.


The meeting point is a Plaza de la Virgen, in Valencia, where the fountain is located. Waiting for you there will be guides with yellow backpacks.

As an alternative, as mentioned, it is possible to opt for a more complete visit, for a fee, for a duration of more than three hours. The paid visit includes, among other things, a pint of craft beer, a taste of the traditional horchata drink and the sweet fartón, at one of the city’s oldest horchaterias. Info and reservations from this link.

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