Valencia Transport Tickets and pass, bonobus to travel by public transport

Valencia Transport Tickets

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Valencia is a perfect city to be turned by public transport. To use the vehicles, you can choose between different types of tickets, carnet and season tickets. Here, below, the details of the main Valencia Transport tickets.


This tickets are valid ONLY on EMT Valencia Bus. The single bus ticket, or SENCILLO, costs 1,50€ and is sold on board by the driver. It allows you to make only one journey inside the vehicle. Alternatively, you can buy BONOBUS at newsstands, tobacconists and all exhibitors displaying the EMT trademark. It is a book of 10 single courses. It costs €8.50, is nominative and it is not transferable. With the BONO TRAVELCARD, however, at a cost of € 9.00, you can also travel on the metro in area A.


There are 4 different tariff zones, identified by the letters A, B, C and D. The price varies according to the number of areas crossed. A ticket SIMPLE, for single travel, for a move within the same area, costs 1.50€. Two zones, costs 2.10€. The ticket for 3 zones, costs 2.80€ and, finally, 4 zone, costs 3.90€

The ticket IDA Y VUELTA 1 area, allows you to make a round trip, within 24 hours from the first validation. Costs 2,90€ for 1 area; 4.00€ for 2 zones; 5.30€ for 3 zones and, finally, 7.40€ for 4 zones.

Another possibility is the Bonometro. This is a booklet, which can also be used by several people, valid for 10 racing. It costs 7.60€ for one area; 11.00 for 2 zones; 14.70€ for 3 zones and, finally, 21.00€ for 4 zones.

Valencia Transport Tickets

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One ticket valid on all means of the city, both bus and metro and tram. The tickets are valid on EMT bus and Metrovalencia.

T1, T2, T3, are travel tickets that allow you to take advantage of an unlimited number of trips for one, two or three days, depending on the selection. They are valid for one person only and available only for one area. The T1 ticket costs 4.00€. The T2 costs 6.70€. The T3 costs 9.70€.

The duration of the ticket starts from the first trip and, therefore, with the first validation.

Tickets Metrovalencia, and integrated, can be purchased at the vending machines present in the stations and affiliated dealers. The MUST be validated before embarking on the journey.

As part of the Valencia transport tickets, the Valencia Card tourist card might be interesting. Thanks to it, you can use, without restrictions, transportation, and have many discounts and discounts for museums, tours and attractions. More info, from here.

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