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Accessibility in Valencia. Info disabled in the city and public transport

Accessibility in Valencia

Valencia has shown a truly unique sensibility in tackling the problem of accessibility. The massive work of redevelopment, including urban planning, has gone through a careful analysis of the needs of the most needy. Starting with public transport, the real highlight of the Accessibility in Valencia.

Disabled people will have no difficulty in feeling fully autonomous and experiencing the magic, atmosphere and charm of great events, such as the Fallas.


If you were to reach the city by plane, Valencia International Airport is truly the best visiting card for accessibility in Valencia.
The indications are almost perfect.

The P1 and P4 car parks are fully accessible. They have a total of 40 reserved seats and accessible external elevators. At the airport, there are toilets, elevators, access ramps and 22 dedicated boarding gates. Wheelchairs are available on request at different points of the airport on request. Furthermore, disabled people will have no difficulty in reaching the underground stations.
For non-blind people, there are 6 specific points of assistance, located in different areas of the airport.

Accessibility in Valencia

MetroValencia is a highly efficient and modern system of metro and tram lines. This is also reflected in the almost complete elimination of architectural barriers. Suffice it to say that on more than 100 stations, the only stop in Valencia South is not accessible. Numbers that know the primacy. The convoys themselves, completely on the level with the quay, allow the invalid to be almost completely autonomous.

The buses are extremely comfortable. They are over 300, the means fully accessible. The buses in question, have the low floor, and the ramp to facilitate access for the disabled.


Accessibility, means, also, a shrewd redevelopment of the entire urban area. Today, the disabled, can easily access the sidewalks, thanks to the thousands of ramps present. In addition to bus stops, there are also many ramps that allow people with disabilities to access the vehicle without difficulty.

The city is a remarkable reserve of green areas, ideal for everyone. The Alameda. The Jardin de Ayora, Turia, and many others. They are perfectly accessible. And incredibly clean and cared for. In many, at the entrance, detailed maps are available with valuable information about activities, equipment, schedules and much more.


Of course, the accessibility Valencia also passes, and above all, from its splendid museums and its attractions. Access ramps at the entrance and along the route of the main monuments, starting from the Cathedral.

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