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Sineu market, Mallorca island. Practical info, what to buy, how to get there

Sineu Market

Shopping in Mallorca is serious. Like the markets, which boast a centuries-old tradition.
Sineu, in this sense, is the emblem, with a history of more than 700 years behind it.
In this small agricultural village, every Wednesday, one of the most popular and well-known markets of all Mallorca takes place.

Don’t expect, however, a quiet and calm place. Particularly in high season. You are still in the chaotic Majorca.
It remains, however, a purely touristic place, literally stormed in the late morning.

At the Sineu Market there is no shortage of cheap junk and knick-knacks. But at the same time, it is a place that manages to convey an authentic appearance, with excellent agricultural products. The only place where you can still buy chickens, chickens or live pigs; in this case, maintaining the tradition of ancient cattle Fair.
The village, in the agricultural and artisan sector, is undoubtedly the most renowned of the Balearic Islands. Here, in fact, the Spring Fair takes place every year.


Sineu Market


The small village of Sineu is located in the Majorcan hinterland, about 40 km from Palma de Mallorca.
You can easily reach the village by car, mostly along the Ma-3011.
Alternatively, the place is also accessible by public transport.
The T3 bus operates from the Stacion Intermodal of Palma, it stops a few minutes away from the center and the Sineu Market.


The Sineu market takes place only one day a week, only on Wednesdays.
The stalls are set up in the historic village, between the main square and the adjacent streets, against the background of the Church of Santa Maria.


The stalls offer is very wide, ranging from gastronomic products to manufacturing ones.
You can buy local cheeses and cold cuts, including the inevitable jamon. Honey, spices, fruit and vegetables, sweets, bread, and much more.


In the village of Inca, in the heart of the island, an equally important market is held every Thursday, set up around Plaça d’Espanya. You can wander among the stalls looking for artifacts, jewels, and above all the leather, the pride of the town.

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Map of the market

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