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Natural parks of Mallorca. Info about Cabrera, Albufera and reserves

Natural Parks of Mallorca

Thanks to an uncontaminated ecosystem, Mallorca boasts the presence of numerous parks and nature reserves. Unique and suggestive places, in an incredible naturalistic show, inhabited by many animal species.
During your vacation, a visit to at least one of these extraordinary natural parks of Mallorca is highly recommended.


Cabrera Mallorca

In the south of Mallorca, this beautiful island, once a military base, was declared a maritime-terrestrial national park in the 1991.
The entire archipelago has an extraordinary seabed, one of the best in the Mediterranean, and an uncontaminated ecosystem. The Balearic lizard is one of the protected species.
Here, as in other protected reserves, it is forbidden to venture. It will be necessary to follow one of the two mandatory itineraries. In about 20 minutes, you will reach the ancient fortress from which you can enjoy a truly enchanting view.

To get to Cabrera, you need to reach Cologne San Jordi. From here, in high season, every day there is a connection with Es Port, the pretty pier of Cabrera. The crossing takes about 45 ‘, and the price is around 40€ for the excursion.


Flora. Fauna. Beaches. Dunes. Marine deposits of coral type. Torrents … Mondragò is one of the
Most visited natural parks of Mallorca.
Merit, above all, of its splendid beaches and inlets.
Its naturalistic beauties, can be discovered through 4 different paths, rather easy and of short duration.
Two different paths lead to as many beaches: Cala Mondragó e S’Amarad. Travel times are 20 and 30 ‘, respectively.
The path of Sa Guardia d’en Garrot, turns around the headland along the stream. It lasts about 30 ‘.
Mondragò is located on the south-eastern side of the island, easily accessible.


Natural parks of Mallorca

In the western part of the island, in front of Sant Elm, stands the splendid islet of Sa Dragonera, declared a Nature Reserve in the 1995, with the nearby islets of Pantaleu and Isla Mediana.
The name derives from its particular shape, which resembles that of a sleeping dragon, about 4km long, and wide 700m.
You will find, among other things, the Balearic lizard, and a large colony of hawks.
As with other natural parks in Mallorca, individual hiking is prohibited. It is mandatory to follow one of the 4 routes, from Cala Lladò, the small island harbor.

One of the most suggestive routes is the one that reaches the lighthouse of Puig de Na Popia, highest point on the island.
The ticket price for a round trip from Sant Elm is 8€. Sa Dragonera is accessible, in summer, from 10:00 to 17:00. Pay attention not to miss the last race!
There are also numerous tour operators that organize excursions on the island. The boat ride is really recommended because it often allows you to swim in some of the beautiful beaches and coves of the east coast. All the info directly in the port of Sant Elm


The Albufera Reserve it is located north of the island, facing the Baia d’Alcudia. It is a splendid park composed of lagoons and natural canals, with a long cycle path. Many animals are visible such as birds, buffaloes and donkeys.
On foot, you can follow two paths that are not particularly difficult.

A few kilometers east of Albufera, the Parc Natural de la Penisula de Llevant offers really beautiful views and landscapes, and lots of nature. A beautiful oasis of peace and tranquility, one of the few in Mallorca.


Always wear comfortable shoes, because you will have to walk through paths. Also wear a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself.
Water and food should never be lacking with you.
Majorca’s Natural Parks are places focused on environmental awareness and education. And, as such, they must be treated, and respected.

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