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Getting around Mallorca by metro, bus, railway: info, tickets. Moving by car

Getting around Mallorca

Mallorca is the only island in the Balearics to have the metro, and a very efficient public transport system. The car, of course, remains the privileged solution for getting around Mallorca in comfort.



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Inaugurated in the 2007, the metropolitan system consists of two lines, for an extension of over 15 kilometers, and a total of 15 stations.

Both have in common a terminus and the first three stops from Estación Intermodal de Plaza España in Son Costa / Son Fortesa. The metro is, undoubtedly, the ideal means for travel in the capital and the surrounding areas.

The M1 metro, also known as METRO UIB, connects Plaza España to Uib. It is active from Monday to Friday from 06:35 to 22:05; on Saturdays, from 07:00 to 15:03. Closed on Sundays. The frequency is approximately 15 minutes.

The M2 Metro, the most recent, is known as METRO MARRATAXI. Inaugurated in the 2013 connects Plaza España with Marrataxi. The M2 line uses the tracks of the Majorca railway network for the entire section. The M2 line is active from Monday to Friday, from 06:00 to 21:20. Closed on Saturday and Sunday. The races have a frequency of 20 and 40 ‘.


The railway network consists of three classic lines to which the tourist line of Soller is added. All lines share the terminus at Plaza España.

The three T1, T2, T3 lines arrive respectively at Inca, Sa Pobla and Manacor. All have in common the entire stretch of the Marrataxi metro line, up to Inca.

La T1 line it is active from Monday to Friday, from 06:07 (first race) to 20:50 (last race) towards Inca; from 06:21 (first race) to 21:36 (last race) towards Palma. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

La T2 line It is active every day, including Sundays and holidays, with the following times.
From Monday to Friday, from 05:40 (first race) to 21:30 (last race) towards Sa Pobla; from 06:56 (first race) to 21:56 (last race) towards Palma.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays, from 06:40 (first race) to 21:40 (last race) towards Sa Pobla; from 08:07 (first race) to 22:07 (last race) towards Palma.

La T3 line It is active every day, including Sundays and holidays, with the following times.
From Monday to Friday, from 06:15 (first race) to 21:15 (last race) towards Manacor; from 06:23 (first race) to 21:23 (last race) towards Palma.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays, from 06:10 (first race) to 22:10 (last race) towards Sa Pobla; from 06:24 (first race) to 21:24 (last race) towards Palma.

Trains have a frequency of about an hour.


More than a means to getting around Mallorca, a real tour that will take you back in time. Between galleries, bridges and evocative scenery, you will cross the stretch of Palma, Buyola, Soller on board a fantastic vintage train.

And for a truly complete experience, do not miss the Tram that from the center of Soller leads to the Port. A trip on board the legendary original trams of the ‘900!

The tariff system of the Soller Railway is different. All info on timetables, prices and tickets are available on the our special page, from this link.


The service works well enough and allows you to move around the city, get to the Port and the airport from the center of Palma, and reach beaches like Can Pastilla, Illetas or Cala Mayor. The road service is guaranteed by 28 urban lines that circulate, generally, from 6.00 to 23.00.

During the holidays and the day before public holidays there is also a night bus. the Bus de Nit, active

On Friday, Saturday and holidays the NITBUS 4 night lines are active. Night buses N1, N2, N3, N4 are running from 23.45 to 06.30, with a frequency of 25 minutes.

For all the practical info, the official website, from this link.


Getting around Mallorca, by car, could be the best solution to discover the island in freedom and comfort, without the hassle of timetables. Some elements, however, should not be underestimated. Above all, the traffic and chaos of the city, which makes it almost impossible to find a parking space in the capital during the final months.

You can rent a car at major centers such as Palma, L’Arenal, Magaluf, and of course at the airport. We always recommend renting your car in advance, online, in order to save money: take a look at our special section from this link.

Getting around Mallorca


To move to Palma de Mallorca with city buses and Nitbus, you need to purchase the special ticket (Bono) of EMT, the company that manages the road system in the capital. The single ticket, which can also be purchased on board the vehicle, costs 1,50€ per person. The carnet from 10 single tickets costs 10,00€, allowing a saving of 0,50€ to ticket. Only for the airport, and the Port, you have to buy the special ticket from 5 and 3 euro, respectively.

Suburban trains, railways and buses are managed by the Consorcio CMT (Consorci Transports Mallorca). In this case, the cost of the ticket varies exclusively from the distance, regardless of the vehicle used. A trip by metro costs, usually 1,45€ per person. For those wishing to move with a certain frequency, it can be advantageous Intermodal Card. This is a special card that allows you to get discounted rates for all the suburban public transport of the island. The card is personal and non-transferable and is available in different versions. In addition to the General Card, destined for individuals between the 26 and the 64 years, the YOUNG CARD and the FAMILY CARD are very convenient. Both allow you to travel at a discounted rate of 50%.

Tickets T20 e T40 are solutions intended for users who want to move to Majorca on a regular basis. They are valid only in conjunction with the Intermodal Card, for 20 or 40 journeys, depending on the purchased cut. Both the T20 and the T40, are available in 5 different versions depending on the number of SALTI made inside the 4 different ZONE TARIFF. The T20 has a cost that ranges from a minimum of €16,80 (no jump) to a maximum of 51,40€ (4 jumps). The T40 costs from 25,20€ (no jump) to a maximum of 77,25€ (4 jumps).

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