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Camden Market London. How to get to Camden by tube, bus

Camden Market

The Camden Market London, in the neighborhood of the same name, is one of those places that hardly go unnoticed.

Beautiful, lively, alternative, it is a must during a holiday in the beautiful capital of London.
A riot of lights and colors that we could not fail to appreciate.

Every corner and glimpse of Camden offers incredible glances. The facades of clubs, shops and even the pedestrian crossings, all rainbow, ideal for your selfies and your instagram profile.

Camden Market times

We appreciated the relaxing and at the same time lively atmosphere of the Camden market. Its tolerant climate in which the most diverse races and ethnic groups coexist. The same is reflected in the gastronomic proposals, so distant from each other, yet never so close.
Walking around, you will come across markets selling Vintage, Punk, Gothic, Burlesque clothes and many others. In Camden Town you will find 6 markets located throughout the district, each with its own distinctive style and identity.

Without neglecting the prices.
Because right at the Camden market you will be able to eat at much cheaper prices than elsewhere. Without forgetting that you will have the opportunity to buy your souvenirs at the best price.

Camden Market London



Camden Town is located a couple of kilometers away from King’s Cross and London Euston station, and is well served by public transport.
With the metro (Northern) get off at the homonymous stop and you will immediately find yourself in the beating heart of the neighborhood.
By bus (our preferred means of transport in the capital) you arrive with lines 168, 253 (from London Euston), 46 and 214 (from King’s Cross), 18, 27, 29, 30, 88, 134 and 205 passing from Regent’s Park.


If you find yourself in these parts for lunch, you cannot fail to stop in one of the mega outdoor kitchens, just after the bridge with   the inscription above. Turn left and you will be almost immediately overwhelmed by a riot of aromas and flavours. You can choose between Chinese, Thai, English, American, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian, Turkish. Everything is prepared before your eyes; all delicious, and at modest prices.
You can sit in one of the large spheres located in the market.

Get to Camden Market London


The Camden Market is an excellent solution for those who need to buy souvenirs. Here, you will find special things at almost bargain prices. Keep in mind, for example, that compared to other markets such as Portobello, souvenirs around here cost less than half!
Many also offer additional discounts for multiple purchases.


Camden Lock Market is open every day, Monday to Sunday, 10am to 8pm.
The Camden Market London is also open on public holidays.

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map of the market

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