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Porto Tram City Tour. Route, tickets price Porto Tram lines 1 18 22

Porto Tram

Porto is a beautiful city. Whether you are traveling for two or more days, there are many activities and visits not to be missed.

Among charming squares, charming districts, bridges, walk along the riverside and visits to the cellars, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

One of the absolutely must-see experiences during your holiday is the Porto Tram City Tour. The city, in fact, boasts the presence of an ancient tramway line, which dates back to 1872. Today, you will be able to retrace three fascinating and suggestive itineraries, on board the cars of the years 20, 30 and 40.

The vehicles, of course, have all been refurbished, according to the highest and most stringent safety criteria. Without, however, distorting their appearance. With the Porto Tram City Tour you will feel like going back in time. An absolutely fascinating journey.

Porto Tram Line 1



STCP, manages the three tram lines. This is the same company that deals with the local bus network.

The three lines (1, 18 and 22) make three distinct itineraries.
LINE 1 offers the most fascinating route, branching out from the historic center of Porto along the banks of the Douro, and then reach the ocean. It is nicknamed “Riverside Line”.
Last stop, in the historical center, is Infant; the stop is near the Medieval Tower of Riboleira. The tram arrives at the gardens of Passeio Allegre. From here, in a few minutes, you reach the wonderful Lighthouse of Felgueiras, the last outpost before the ocean. Spectacular.

Try to make a jump at sunset!

LINE 22 offers an equally evocative route through the streets of the historic center. Also known as “Low Line”, it runs a circular route between Casey and Battle / Guindais.
TRAM 18 is the least frequented of the Porto Tram City Tour and, for this reason, could be a valid alternative in case you find long queues at other stops. The so-called “Restore Line” follows the route from Massarelos to Carmo.


The Lines are active every day, including holidays and Sundays.
Line 1 operates from 09:00 to 19:16 from Infante; from 08:49 to 18:50. The frequencies are approximately 20 minutes.
Line 18 runs from 08:03 to 19:45 with a run every 30 minutes.
Line 22 operates from 09:15 to 19:15, with frequencies generally of 30′.

To travel on the 3 trams you will need to buy specific tickets because only the monthly passes are valid! The ticket for a one-way trip costs 5€ for adults and €3.50 for child, and can be purchased directly on board the vehicle. Alternatively, you can buy the 2 DIAS ticket, at a cost of €10.00 for adults, and €5.00 for children; you can make unlimited travel on all Tram Porto, for two consecutive days.


Line 1 of the Porto Tram is the most touristic and popular. Where possible, avoid peak times and late Sundays. If not, you’ll have to respectfully queue up, and wait your turn!

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