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Grafton Street. Info about the street of shopping and artists in Dublin

Grafton Street

Sráid Graftonè, better known as Grafton Street, is one of the most famous and animated streets in Dublin. It stretches from St. Stephen’s Green to the south, to the gardens of Trinity College to the north. It is an entirely pedestrian street, forbidden to cars and vehicles, with extremely refined “Georgian” style houses and elegant shops: it is not by chance that it is considered the “shopping street” of Dublin.

Among other things, in this area, you will find the famous statue of Molly Malone (pictured below), which today is considered the unofficial anthem of the Irish city of Dublin.

At Christmas, Grafton Street is truly wonderful. Its decorated windows and its lights are the ideal background for your photos or for a souvenir card.

Grafton Street Dublin

What makes the city even more magical? Well, Dublin is known as the home of U2 … Therefore, it would not be unlikely to meet any band members during this time, in this street; or maybe some street artist. Seeing is believing!

Many remember Christmas 2015 quite well, when the U2 leader Bono, along with other Irish musicians such as Hozier and Glen Hansard, took part in the charity acoustic concert, right on the street where he lives. Bono intoned an excerpt from the last album Songs of Innocence to collect donations for the “The Simon Community” association, in favor of the homeless.

To all those who love music, in all its “clothes” and its colors, we can only invite you to take a look at the performance that the leader of the Irish band, and its special companions, gave to all those present . An extraordinary performance!

There is nothing to say: Dublin is really a city that knows how to excite. In all senses!

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