Dublin. How to arrive by train or ferryboat. Info Dun Laoghaire and Port


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In the beautiful city of Dublin, where the girls are nice, I saw for the first time the sweet Molly Malone, who carried her cart, along narrow, wide streets shouting clams and fresh shellfish! Molly Malone, Dublin anthem.

Welcome to the Capital of the Republic of Ireland, a young city with a troubled past, full of vitality and artistic heritage.

Multi-ethnic city, quiet and at the same time lively; metropolis of culture, which, it does not matter, given birth to people like James Joyce or Samuel Beckett. City of Museums and Pubs. The homeland of the U2. Dublin is a city that you will not miss to love.




Dublin International Airport is located about 10 km away from the city. In the last decade, there has been a strong increase in passenger traffic to the city, thanks to low-cost companies. THE’Aerfort Bhaile Átha Cliath (original Gaelic name) is the busiest airport in all of Ireland with over 20 million passengers.


The excellent and efficient road service, compensates for the lack of a railway connection between the airport and the City. There are three buses that serve the service.

If you are interested in saving, the DUBLIN BUS is for you: at the cost of 2€ take this bus, cheap, with departures every 20 minutes. Alternatively, there are the more comfortable AIRLINK (6€ one way and 10€ one way) and AIRCOACH. We would like to recommend the latter because even though it is more expensive than the previous one (fare 7€), it makes stops in most of the hotels in the City. Buses leave the Terminal every 15 minutes and take just under half an hour to get to the center. Alternatively, there are taxis, but the prices are quite high: we start from 20€ about to which are added numerous supplements and extras for each baggage, or depending on the time.


All the alternative means to the plane, are listed for the record, as they are often real crossings that take several hours. For those wishing to get to the Irish city by train, from Europe, you have to stop in Paris and, from here, take the connection for the port of Calais or that of Le Havre. At this point we arrive, by ferry, in Britain, or with another in Ireland. Keep in mind that the trip from Le Havre to Irish Cork lasts about 22 hours. Really interminable!


Get in Dublin by ferryboat

Dublin boasts the presence of two ports. First of all, the Dun Laoghaire, connected to the port of Holyhead, in Wales, and whose journey takes just over two hours; the Dublin Port, connected with Liverpool, and whose journey takes seven hours. The Dun Laoghaire, main port, is well connected to the city center, which is about 7 km.

There are many bus lines that make the connection and on the official website you can find all the information.
For those allergic to road transport, the alternative is to take the train in the nearby train station DART within walking distance. The races are not very frequent.

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The City



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