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East Coast North. New York tour Portland on the road. What to do and see

East Coast North

The United States, New York and the North East Coast on a wonderful journey to travel by car. A tour on the road between famous places and lesser known places. Except for the Big Apple, you can admire a different America between vast expanses, farms, mountains, lakes, and magnificent landscapes.

Departure of the North East Coast from New York, moving to Boston, to which you can spend 2 days among the historical places, and gourmets the pubs of Cambridge. The subsequent Cape Cod, is a wonderful peninsula marked by beautiful dunes, forests and beaches; stop in Provincetown, the liveliest town on the peninsula, before returning to Boston and leaving on the road to spend 3 days along the streets of New England, admiring the spectacle of nature and color soils. The beautiful towns of Salem and Concord are waiting for you in Massachusetts, Bennington, Vermont and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

If there is still some time left, don’t miss Maine, with its rugged coastline and the tastiest lobsters in the world.



New York City

A unique and immense city. One of the largest urban agglomerations in the world. The place where different cultures and ethnicities coexist since its birth.

The city that never sleeps and that has always had an incredible charm. Here, fashions and trends are dictated throughout the rest of the world. Here, you will find museums of international renown. Great galleries. Shopping and excesses. The territory of New York stands on an area of ​​1214 km² at the mouth of the Hudson River, extending partly on land and partly on islands (Manhattan, Staten Island and Long Island), in the so-called New York Bay.

New York is the starting point of your tour. JFK is the international airport, well connected to all continents. You can arrive by direct flight, or by calling. At the city you will have to spend at least 5 days and 4 nights. Lieutenant present that not even 2 weeks would be enough to visit all its beauties.

In Manhattan, most of the “American icons” are concentrated: Times Square, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, the shopping street par excellence 5th Avenue, Central Park, Ellis Island (statue of liberty); these are just some of New York’s iconic attractions or places. In Brooklyn a redeveloped neighborhood awaits you, also chosen by artists and musicians. The mythical Bridge is among the American icons in the world. Not to be missed in the Bronx: Little Italy (the real one), Yankee Stadium, New York Botanical Garden, Bay Plaza Shopping Center. From this link, what to do and see on holiday in New York


Sunrise Montauk

If you haven’t already done so, rent a car. It’s time to say goodbye to New York and set off to discover the famous Hamptons of Long Island.

Halfway between Sex and the City and the Great Gatsby … far from the chaotic New York, there is this strip of land, which you can reach by crossing 150km of panoramic road, in just over two hours. The alternative to the car is the train or the bus. With the MTA Long Island Rail Road trains take 3 hours from Penn Station (NY) to Montauk. Hampton Jtney, on the other hand, offers connections from New York by bus.

The best way to enjoy this place is to relax on the beach and take long romantic walks. Dining in one of the best luxury restaurants like the Serafina, or organizing a picnic is a purely subjective choice; you can buy great Take Away food from the Spring General Store for an excellent fast sandwich, or the Loaves & Fishes (excellent seafood salads).

Essentially this strip of land is composed of the towns of: Southampton, Bridgehampton, Wainscott and Montauk.

The inhabitants assure that here, thanks to the light breeze, the atmosphere is definitely better than New York. For this reason, the area has been appreciated since the 17th century when the English colonists chose it for a living; today, there are many famous people who have “set the curtains” in the Hamptons. Among these, Paul McCartney and Steven Spielberg.

Bridgehampton is the area where Aston Martin and many other luxury cars fly by. Here, the only parking spaces are reserved for the owners of the super villas.

Montauk, retains a hippie and peaceful soul, ideal for relaxing while taking a long walk at sunset. Arriving up to the lighthouse you can admire the Ocean. In the evening, with a bit of luck, you could sneak into one of the crazy parties at the weekend, one of the most fun on Lond Island. Our advice is to stay at least one night in Montauk.

The following morning, you would sit in one of the many beach bars and enjoy a typical rich American breakfast. Montauk is quite popular with locals and tourists.



Next stop on the East Coast North tour is Boston, an American city … with a European flavor!

It is preferable to reach the city of Massachusetts by train from New York instead of by car. Traffic in Boston is one of the few sore points. You can arrive in less than 4 hours with Amtrak Express trains. To get around the city, you can use the efficient public transport, including the metro T.

Relaxing and peaceful atmospheres, and a great cultural identity, make Boston one of the most visited cities in the United States. A place that has always had a fundamental role in the historical and cultural events of the USA. Right here, many of the country’s independence battles took place.

In spring, the city offers the best of itself, thanks to an enjoyable climate, ideal for visiting the many parks, for outdoor activities, and long walks, on foot and by bike, along the many canals that flow into the Ocean.

You can walk the Freedom Trail, one of the most exciting routes in America. Visiting the university complex, among the most important in the world: Harvard, MIT, Boston University, have always been the flagship of the United States. Three days are enough to appreciate its beauty. During your stay, do not miss a visit to the excellent Quincy Market. Clam chowder, baked beans, and Lobster rolls, the dishes to try for lunch. From this link, the perfect guide to visit Boston.


East Coast North

Cape Cod is New England’s summer destination, just over an hour’s drive from Boston. A journey to be faced, in this case, strictly on the road.

This peninsula overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, and to a large extent belongs to the County of Plymouth. Barnstable, Provincetown and Truro are among the most important centers in this area.

Get ready to travel kilometers of coastline, among ancient lighthouses and fishermen’s houses, mills, small fish resale markets (clam Shack). Moreover, many paths await you in close contact with the uncontaminated nature of this little paradise on the sea.

The peninsula is accessed through two bridges: the Bourne on Hwy-28 and the Sagamore on Hwy-6.

In at least a couple of days, you will be able to relax and appreciate, at best, Cape Cod. You will be able to admire beautiful landscapes and suggestive villages.


Sandwich is the name of an ancient town that rises on Cape Cod, among the oldest in this area, with lots of unspoilt nature, and scenic landscapes. By renting a bike, you can enjoy the show on two wheels.


Heritage Museums & Gardens. It is a refined 100-acre park full of trees, shrubs, gardens and colorful flowers. Dexter Grist Mill (Water Street), an old mill still functioning in 1654, a true symbol of the city. Masthead is the ship-shaped house of the East Sandwich: really special!


Picturesque whitewashed houses, lots of greenery with amazing birds, plants and flowers. Take a trip to the panoramic lighthouse for a wonderful view. If you are lucky, you can spot some hilarious seals at the pier opposite.

The marina is always a bustle of boats, ready to show off their catch on the quay. You can make a sweet stop at Marion’s Pie Shop, to taste the famous forest fruit cake: in these parts it is a must!

Do you still have more time? Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge is a 3,100-hectare nature reserve that will please bird watchers. In the area, canoe excursions are also available!


It is a protected natural area, over 50km long, strongly desired by President Kennedy, to preserve the natural authenticity of this part of the Massachusetts coast.

You walk along pristine paths, listening to the sound of the wind and the sea. At sunset, fascinating pastel colors, for truly postcard images.

In this protected area there are many kilometers of coastline, and two extraordinary beaches not to be missed. Nauset Light Beach: a beautiful beach topped by a picturesque red and white lighthouse. Head of the Meadow Beach: a vast expanse lined with sand dunes. At low tide, semi-submerged wrecks emerge. You can take many souvenir photos.

Parking in the entire area costs $15 per day.

The US East Coast North Tour continues: it’s time to get back in the car, and reach Provincetown to spot Whales!



Within Barnstable County lies this town of just over 3,000 inhabitants, a popular holiday destination on Cape Cod. It is a lively and lively town with a deep tolerant and gay-friendly soul.

Gays, artists and writers have chosen to move here, for the relaxing atmosphere and healthy lifestyle.

Strolling along Commercial Street, it is easy to meet children eating the soft candy, typical of this area. Centaurs with the classic leather outfit. Half-naked young people on rollerblades or pairs of women out for a walk holding hands.

P-Town, as they call it in these parts, is fully booked between June and September, with attendance quadrupled compared to other periods of the year. If you intend to stay, book well in advance: the structures are often sun-out many months in advance!

The village is overlooked by the Pilgrim Monument. A granite tower built between 1907 and 1910 to celebrate the first landing of the Pilgrim Fathers. You will have to climb 116 steps to reach the top. The effort will be compensated by the splendid view!

The highlight of the visit to P-Town, however, is represented by the meeting with the queen of the seas: the Whale!

From late April to October, embarking on a whale watching boat in Massachusetts means meeting many whales of different species; they can skirt the boat, or slowly come out of the water.

An excursion on large ships with scientific observers on board typically lasts at least three hours.

Whale Watching is carried out aboard large boats of about thirty meters, equipped with sonar, scientific observer on board, and snack bar.

WWF has recognized Massachusetts as one of the world’s top whale watching destinations. Excursions generally last 3 hours, with prices starting at $55 per person. Info and tour times from this page:



Leaving the Cape Cod Peninsula, it’s time to continue the North East Coast tour. You have to travel back to Boston and, still by car, you will reach Salem, about 40km away. Located in the county of Essex, this town is most famous for the 1691 witch trials.

Salem is the second oldest city in New England. Its historic center, small and concentrated, can be visited on foot. A visit to the port is a must: it is one of the “National Historic Sites of America”, due to its historical importance It overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, and is an excellent starting point for nautical tours.

Salem Witch Museum, is an unmissable place for fans of the esoteric genre. It allows you to have all the information available on the famous witch trials in 1692. A sort of leap in time, thanks also to the faithful set-up (the trials with wax statues have been reconstructed). For info consult the official website:


From Salem, taking your car to Interstate 95, in 40 minutes, you will reach the town of Concord. It is located not far from Boston, an unmissable stop in New England.

Concord was of considerable historical importance. Here, in fact, fundamental events followed one another for the evolution of the American War of Independence. The British troops, returning from a police operation in the city, were ambushed on the North Bridge (bridge over the Concord River) and had to retreat, suffering heavy losses.

Concord was also the cradle of the birth of Transcendentalism, one of the most important philosophical currents in America.

Among the historical sites that testify to the War of Independence, do not miss Old North Bridge. On this bridge the fate of the United States was decided, the scene of battle between the militias of volunteers in support of the revolution, and the English army.

Sleepy Follow Cemetery is the cemetery where Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the leading figures of the War of Independence, is buried. At the Concord Museum, relics such as the famous lantern that was placed on the bridge are preserved.

Orchard House is the house where Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women, lived. By visiting this house you can come into contact with the philosophical history of the United States, going back in time. For info on the visit, we recommend consulting the official website:

With some time on your hands, make a stop in Bennington in Vermont. From Concord it takes just over two hours.



Portsmouth is an American city nestled on the Piscataqua River, just over 1 hour drive from Boston and belongs to Rockingham County in the state of New Hampshire.

Portsmouth is a nice little town on the New Hampshire coast, very elegant. In summer it is a favorite destination. In its downtown center, you can stroll through narrow red brick streets, tree-lined avenues, and colonial buildings from the 18th century.

A city with a vocation for maritime trade, born as a fishing village. This is testified by the fishing boats that crowd the quay of the marina, with an ancient tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation.

You can take a stroll in the lively Market Square. Pick up classic Portsmouth Sandwiches from a few shops, grab 2 fresh beers from one of the many local breweries, and head to Prescott Park for a relaxing lunch on the lawn.

The last stop on the East Coast North Tour is Portland.


Portland East Coast North

From Boston you will have to travel 1h and 30 minutes, in what could be one of the most interesting driving routes of our tour; a jagged coast that slopes incredibly, and suddenly, kilometer after kilometer. During your journey by car, keep your camera close at hand so as not to lose the fascinating views that this stretch of coast offers, and the many fishing villages that you will cross.

Portland is the cultural and economic capital of Maine. A seafaring city with an important commercial port, a strong tradition, and a lively nightlife, with numerous clubs in the port and in the center.

Here, you can enjoy excellent Lobster, the highlight of the area. Fresh and delicious, they are offered in numerous kiosks (shacks) in the city, or along the harbor. You can enjoy them on the street in the typical baskets, at a price of about $ 15.

Along the Western Promenade you can admire the many Victorian-style buildings, do not miss the Portland Observatory, at 138 Congress St. Apparently, this should be the only historic signal tower left in the United States. From here, you can enjoy a splendid view of the coast. Info at the official website:


For those who love art, a visit to The Art Museum Portland Maine is a must, which offers collections by world artists: Winslow Homer, Marsden Hartley, Rockwell Kent, Louise Nevelson, Andrew and N.C. Wyeth.

The artists offer insights into Maine’s great artistic tradition. There are also important collections of European artists such as Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Pierre-August Renoir and Pablo Picasso.

Located at Congrees Square 7, it is open every day, Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm. late closing at 20:00 on Thursday and Friday. The full fare ticket costs $18, reduced $15.

Info and updates on the official website


Cape Elizabeth Maine Lighthouse

The Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse located in the homonymous area, about 20 minutes drive from Portland, is the oldest lighthouse in Maine, It was commissioned by George Washington in 1791. At the foot there is a small Victorian-style keeper’s house. very characteristic. Today it houses a small museum.

It is a real piece of American history, a symbol of Maine.

The Bobster shack Two Lights, is the worthy conclusion to this fantastic East Coast North itinerary. You can enjoy an excellent Lobster overlooking the Ocean!!

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