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Holiday in Boston. Best places, attractions. What to do and see in 3 days

Holiday in Boston

Boston is certainly not comparable to the big cities like New York or San Francisco. Despite this, it has a lot to offer visitors, including activities, excursions to the nearby islets to admire the lighthouses. You can also admire parks surrounded by greenery, neighborhoods with typical red bricks, aquariums. The offer includes many quality shops and breweries, and an extraordinary market, the Quincy, where you can taste lots of delicacies and seafood. We recommend baked beans with black bread, and clam chowder. More info through our special article.

Here are the main activities to do on holiday in Boston


The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile route that allows you to touch the most important attractions of the old Boston area. A path not to be missed during your holiday in Boston. We start from the Common Park and arrive at the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown.

The path is marked by red bricks: follow them and you will not get lost.

Boston Common

Among the main points of interest, we point out:

  • Boston Common, where you will find the visitor center.
  • Massachusetts State House. It is a beautiful building from 1798, currently the seat of the state government.
  • Park Street Church. Here, in 1829, William Lloyd Garrison gave his first speech against slavery.
  • Old Granary Burying Ground. A charming cemetery that houses the great characters of the revolution
  • King’s Chapel, where the remains of a Mayflower pilgrim are preserved.
  • Statue of Benjamin Franklin, which stands on the site where the first school of the United States of America was founded
  • Old South Meeting House. Here, in 1773 the Boston Tea Party was unleashed
  • Old State House, the seat of the colonial government, where the declaration of independence was read in public on 18 July 1776. Inside is an interesting museum.


On holiday in Boston, you will have the chance to admire the Stellwagen Bank marine sanctuary, for an exciting whale watching tour.
There are many catamarans that will take you along the Atlantic coast to admire these impressive mammals.

In the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary live whales, dolphins, seabirds and many other animals.

These fascinating sea creatures often exhibit acrobatics such as slapping the water with caudal fin (lobtailing). Emergencies with the head (spyhopping) or dips in the air (breaching). Marine life off the coast of Boston is among the largest and most appreciated in the world.

Cruises depart from the Long Wharf.


The Boston Public Garden is located along Charles Street, behind the Boston Common. It is the ideal place for a healthy walk, in total relaxation. It is, among other things, the oldest botanical garden in the nation.

The famous Swan Boats (boats with giant fake swans) are celebrating the Boston Public Garden every spring, since they were invented in 1877 by Robert Paget.

Boston Public Garden

In winter one of the most fascinating and evocative shows awaits you with the snow-covered landscape, and the pond that gives way to ice skaters.


Boston is a beautiful city that offers suggestive views, and beautiful landscapes. To admire a spectacular city skyline, perhaps by boat, reach Waterfront. A beautiful and peaceful neighborhood, for a romantic walk, and a beautiful sunset view. Rent a boat and enjoy the show from the sea!

FENWAY PARK (Boston Red Sox)

For the uninitiated (!!), baseball is one of the most followed, and loved, sports in America. National Sport par excellence. If you’re on vacation in Boston, a trip to Fenway Park is almost mandatory. This is the historic home of the legendary Boston Red Sox, Major League team.

The ideal would be to attend a Red Sox home race. You can admire an incredible show, from the stands of the majestic sports arena. For info we recommend the site:

Boston Fenway Park Red Sox


Founded in 1848, the Boston Public Library was the first to open its doors to the public in America in 1898. It was also the first to make books and other material available for loan.

You cannot not enter this symbolic place of knowledge. Here are on the shelf 8.9 million books, and approximately 22 million articles in total, making it the largest public library in the United States.

Very nice entrance with staircase and Victorian frescoes on the mezzanine floor. The architecture of the building is in neoclassical and liberty style.

The inner room is really fascinating, frequented by students who want to consult volumes in a huge living room full of comfortable tables with classic green lamps. You can connect to the internet with your smartphone or tablet for free, at a great speed. Keep in mind that silence is a must in the library and compliance is monitored.

Info directly on the official website:

Among the things to do in Boston, do not miss the chance to take a walk in the typical neighborhoods of North End and Beacon Hill District, also perfect to stay, and find a cheap accommodation, without sacrificing quality.

A vacation in Boston of at least 3 days is ideal to appreciate its beauty. Although only minimally.

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