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Boston. Guide and info on the city of the USA. How to get from New York


An American city with a European flavor.

A few hours away from New York, the capital of Massachusetts is one of the obligatory stops during a tour of the North East Coast.

Relaxing and peaceful atmospheres, and a great cultural identity, make Boston one of the most visited cities in the United States. A place that has always had a fundamental role in the historical and cultural events of the USA. Right here, many of the country’s independence battles took place.

In spring, the city offers the best of itself, thanks to an enjoyable climate, ideal for visiting the many parks, for outdoor activities, and long walks, on foot and by bike, along the many canals that flow into the Ocean.

You can walk the Freedom Trail, one of the most exciting routes in America. Visiting the university complex, among the most important in the world: Harvard, MIT, Boston University have always been the flagship of the United States.



Coming from international destinations, it is difficult to face many hours of flight to visit only Boston. The city is often a crossing point during the East Coast tour.


In general, New York is the starting point for reaching the city of Massachusetts. The journey, through I-95 N, CT-15 N, I-91 N, I-84 E and I-90, is not particularly long: just over 210 miles. The roads, unfortunately, are often busy, and the travel time exceeds 4 hours.
Therefore, the train is a viable option. AMTRAK offers a fast and comfortable service, starting from the famous Penn Station. The duration of the journey is between 3h 30 minutes and 4h30minutes, depending on whether or not you use the Express Train. Buy the ticket in advance to save on the price. On average the cost is around $70.


Boston Logan is an important international airport, a reference point for connections to Massachusetts. With around 30 million passengers a year, it is among the 20 busiest airports in the United States.

From here, direct flight connections with many destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia. The main European capitals, and some important cities, are connected with Logan airport. Public transport is fast and efficient. You will have numerous options for getting to the center: shuttle, car, taxi, metro, bus.

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map of the city

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