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Doha. How to get to the city center by metro, taxi, car from the airport


A cosmopolitan city, particularly lively, in a perfect mix of modernity, innovation and tradition.
With its beautiful skyline, Doha captivates visitors at first glance.
If you have decided to spend a few days (or even something more) in the capital of Qatar, you may be pleasantly surprised.

There is really a lot of art. Starting with the splendid Mosque and the Museum of Islamic Art. Lots of relaxation, thanks to the sun all year round, and pleasant walks: very romantic during sunset and sunrise. And, of course, lots of shopping, including historic markets and shopping malls that are truly unique in the world.
In these parts it is difficult to get bored.

The city, among other things, is ready to show off on the occasion of the next World Cup 2022. A very opportune moment to decide to give yourself a holiday in Qatar


Doha Qatar

The capital of Qatar can be reached almost exclusively by direct flight from the major capitals, and from the main destinations on all continents. There are almost 2 flights per minute every day!
From Europe, only the plane can be considered to reach the capital of Qatar.

From Rome the journey takes about 5 hours. From Amsterdam it takes 6 hours. From Madrid and London just under 7 hours.
Hamad International Airport is the home of Qatar Airways, considered one of the best airlines in the world.



The metro (Red Line) has been active since 2019, connecting the center with the international airport. You travel aboard modern, fast and efficient vehicles. And, above all, cheap.
The journey to/from the center takes about twenty minutes.
The metro operates every day, including holidays, from 06:00 to 22:30. Only on Fridays, the first ride is at 09:00. During football matches valid for FIFA Arab Cup, the closing time is postponed to 03:00 in the morning, for a service that works 21 hours a day!
The frequency is about 5 minutes. More info from here.

Metro stations and public transport are perfectly accessible for wheelchair users and strollers.
The ticket costs 2AED, to which you must add the cost of the Travel Card (10 AED). It can be purchased from vending machines and merchants displaying the brand.


Taxis are quick and convenient ways to get to the city. The so-called “Karwa” are modern means and comfortable means, at not particularly expensive rates.
The parking area is located outside the Arrivals Hall, well highlighted by the signs at the airport.
It is always advisable to check the rate in advance. Typically, you pay a starting price of AED 25 (€ 6) to which you add the price for each kilometer of ride. During the day the cost is 1.20AED (0.29 €), while after 21:00, the fare will be 1.80AED (0.43 €) for each kilometer.

Taxis only accept cash payments in the local currency. Always remember to withdraw Rials from the ATMs present at the airport, before using the taxi.


Avis. Hertz. Europcar. The main international rental companies are present at the airport. If possible, book in advance directly online because, generally, the rates applied on the spot are always higher.
Through this link, you can take advantage of clear and transparent rates and you can choose the car that best suits your tastes and pockets.

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The City



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