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Safe travel in Qatar. Hospitals, public and private clinics, pharmacies

Safe travel in Qatar

If you have decided to travel to Qatar, or are in the process of doing so, you should know some main rules regarding healthcare, medicines, pharmacies and hospitals in Qatar. Only in this way you safe travel in Qatar.



Generally the pharmacies are indicated in the double language Arabic/English (Pharmacy), and by the presence of the logo. You will almost always be able to communicate with healthcare professionals in English. Don’t be afraid!
In Qatar, over-the-counter medicines such as cold and cough medicines must always be accompanied by a prescription and a doctor’s prescription.
Some over-the-counter medicines, on the other hand, can be easily found.
Many pharmacies remain open 24 hours a day. In all major towns, you will find at least one always open.

In addition, some “psychic” medicines are considered illegal in the country.
For safe travel in Qatar, it is always advisable to inform yourself in advance about the medicines and substances that require a prescription. The information can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Health.

If you need particular medicines, it is always advisable to take them with you in your suitcase (in the hold), with intact outer packaging and prescription.


If you need special medical attention, the costs could be quite high. The price varies depending on the structure to which you are addressing. For this reason, before traveling to Qatar, it is good to take out an insurance policy that can cover any medical and health costs.
In the country you can find hospitals, public and private clinics, first aid.
For all cases of medical emergencies and to call the ambulance, call 999.

Safe travel in Qatar

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Doha Clic Hospital, located in Al Mirqab Al Jadeed St, is a small hospital that offers first aid, hospitalization and first aid services. He has rather positive judgments both for the care and for the availability of the staff.
A lot of professionalism, cleanliness and excellent services at Al-Ahli, the first private hospital in the country.

In the north of the country, the private hospital of Al Khor, owned by the government.

Regarding the laws and rules for COVID-19 it is good to inform yourself in advance. Some rules are contained in our section on Documents for traveling to Qatar.

Another rule of good habit: never drink water from the tap. Always drink from bottles of mineral water and always carry a good supply of food with you to fight the heat and heat. Always dress appropriately for the climate.

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