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Souq Waqif, the Arab market in Doha. How to get, what to do, timetables

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is one of the best known and most visited places in Doha. It is probably the most famous market in all of Qatar.
Close to the splendid promenade of La Corniche, where goods and, above all, camels were once traded.

Today, this crowded and colorful market has become the temple of Doha bargaining. A lively place where you can buy just about anything: textiles, jewelry, art and beauty products, handicrafts, souvenirs and even animals.
In addition to shopping, the Souq Waqif is the ideal place to stop and sip a good Arabian coffee, while admiring the comings and goings in the market. Maybe until late, smoking some excellent hookah.

Souq Waqif Doha

At sunset, the restaurants begin to throng with tourists. But everything inside is a whirlwind of lights, colors and scents of spices that pervade the whole area.
Shows are almost on the agenda, with local groups and street artists performing to the delight of the public. Often, traveling art exhibitions are set up in the courtyards.

If you are on holiday in Doha, the Arab market is the ideal starting point for exploring the city.



The market is located near “La Corniche”, easily accessible on foot if you are in the center of Doha. Those wishing to arrive by public transport can use the Gold line of the Doha Metro, getting off at the stop of the same name. In a few minutes you will be at the entrance to the market.


The Doha Market is open every day from Monday to Sunday.
The shops and shops inside are open from 10:00 to 12:30, and from 15:00 to 22:00. Times, however, are subject to change and you may find shops open even at 09 in the morning. After 10pm, the shops close.

Restaurants and bars observe different hours. They are generally open from morning until midnight. Some remain open even during the night.


Qatar is famous for the excellence of pearls. Here, you can admire the different varieties of white and pink pearls. You can buy jewelry, souvenirs, small handicrafts, fabrics. Coffee and tea leaves, amazing variety of dates.
Many musicians stock up on market shops to buy instruments.

The centennial market was once the realm of camel bargaining. These beautiful animals are still present in these parts. In all likelihood you will not take any specimens home with you but you can admire them in the enclosure of the Souk.

Karak tea and Machboos are, respectively, a drink and a national dish, which you can try in all sauces at one of the many restaurants in the Souk. Those with a sweet tooth will not have to give up a taste of Kunafa with Nutella: a really delicious dessert!

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