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Eat in Doha. Drinks and foods to try. Places to eat. Gastronomy

Eat in Doha

The gastronomic offer of Doha is incredibly varied and suitable for all tastes and budgets. International cuisine is offered by all the large luxury chains, hotels and restaurants in Doha.
You will be able to satisfy your palate even in the most unlikely and, apparently, crumbling places. Even in the traditional souks, the local markets of the city.


Machboos or Kabsa (also referred to as Majboos) is one of the country’s traditional dishes, consisting of rice with beef, lamb or chicken, prepared with spices and almonds. You can also find it in the sea alternative. It is one of the dishes that they prepare practically everywhere and that can hardly be missing on the tables of the inhabitants. Moreover, in these parts, rice is consumed daily.
In the center there are numerous inns with not excessive prices: Majboos al Walada is located in an excellent position, a short distance from the stop of the red line of the Metro (Al Jadeda).
If you want to taste local dishes, do not miss the delicious zucchini stuffed with lamb. The so-called “Kousa Mahshi” are accompanied by local sauces and bread.

Eat in Doha

Photo ©, Miansari66

If you love to experiment, or you like Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisine, you will find proposals almost everywhere to delight you with meat skewers, boiled chickpea hummus, and more. You can taste them in the most disparate places. To save money, you can eat in the take-away proposal.

Not just shopping in malls. The Villaggio Mall, for example, is full of clubs, restaurants, fast-food restaurants with the most incredible and disparate proposals. If you have decided to spend half a day here, you will hardly leave fast.
One of our favorite spots is Souk Wakif, right in the center. More info through this link.


If you smell the sweet scent of pancakes, let yourself be tempted. The where aroma often pervades the streets of Doha. They are the luqaimat, one of the most polar sweets in Qatar. Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, these pancakes are sure to satisfy your palate. The dough is prepared with flour, milk, butter, sugar and spices. They are sprinkled with syrup or sweet sauces (including Nutella).
Also try the Nutella Kunafa at Souk Wakif!


There is no need to go around it: the M logo so loved by children is omnipresent also, and above all, in Doha. McDonald’s is practically present on every corner. There are restaurants even less than 5 minutes away. A must for anyone looking for places to eat in Doha with children.


Karak tea is offered in different variations, spicy and not. It is the national drink, served in practically every café and bar in Doha and Qatar. Absolutely to try. There is a real specialized chain in the sector: Tea Time. Its branches are scattered throughout the city.
Maybe to accompany the tobacco flavored hookah

Liqueurs and alcoholic beverages are only served in hotel restaurants and bars. Keep in mind that it is forbidden to bring alcohol into Qatar: they will be confiscated at the airport.

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