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Getting around Doha by taxi, public bus metrolink. Tickets, travel cards

Getting around Doha

The recently built Metro is modern and efficient. It works 7 days a week, including holidays, and is perfectly accessible to everyone. There are runs every 5 minutes.
With the three metro lines you can reach the main points of interest in the city, including the stadium and the airport. Undoubtedly an excellent way to get around Doha.
To find your way around the city, we recommend using a navigation app (iOS Maps, Google Maps, TomTom …) on your device. Many hotels, and many points of interest do not use street names and house numbers.


Taxis are quick and comfortable solutions for getting around Doha. They are not particularly expensive either. The Karwa, that is the green taxis managed by the public transport company Mowasalat, are modern and comfortable means. Well highlighted, they have a meter on display.
The initial price for the call is AED 4 (approximately € 1) plus the price for each kilometer of the ride. During the day the cost is 1.20AED (0.29€), while after 21:00, the fare will be 1.80AED (0.43€) for each kilometer.
The minimum fare is AED 10.
Usually you pay in cash with local currency.

Getting around Doha

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It is generally not easy to find available taxis as the preferred means of getting around the city. You can contact your facility. They are stationed in the main points of interest to shopping centers, stadiums and airports.

The limousines are offered by private companies, have no taximeter and offer travel to fixed coists, almost double the Karwa. Make sure in advance of the fare applied for your trip.


Metrolink is a support system for the Doha metro network that allows you to reach those areas of the city that are not served by the rail line. It is a network of buses active in some metro stations, which offer connections from a minimum of 2 m to a maximum of 5 km away from the same metro stop.
It’s free, included in the metro ticket.

Metrolink buses operate in the city at the following times:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 06:00 to 23:00
  • Thursday: 06:00 to 23:59
  • Friday: 2pm to 11.59pm


To move around Doha by metro and tram you need to buy a Standard Travel Card at a cost of 10 AED (2.40€), without credit. It is a rechargeable card for traveling on public transport in Family Class. It has a duration of 5 years. To the cost of the card you will have to add credit to travel on the means.

Each journey within 90 minutes on the metro and tram costs 2AED (just under €0.50), with a daily ceiling of 6 AED regardless of the number of trips made during the day. In other words, if you have decided to use the tram and metro frequently, you will not pay more than 6AED (1.44€) for the whole day!


The Travel Card can be purchased and recharged at all automatic machines in Doha Metro stations. On the QATAR RAIL website and mobile APP, you can top up your Travel Card.

At authorized points of sale such as Al Meera, Lulu, Carrefour, Family Food Center, Jumbo, you can ONLY PURCHASE THE TRAVEL CARD. In this case, they are available for 30AED with 20AED travel credit. Authorized points of sale cannot top up travel cards.

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