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Go to Disneyland Paris. Best time to go on holiday to the Park and Studios

Go to Disneyland Paris

The best time to go to Disneyland Paris is from May to September. Obviously, it coincides with the busiest period. Result: endless queues at each carousel. Mileage queues to go and eat. Higher prices. Christmas and New Year are equally full of crowds and with the climate disadvantageous.

So? Should you give up bringing your children during this time? Absolutely no. On the contrary. May and September are, in our opinion, the best times to go to Disneyland Paris; above all because it is not too hot, nor are you forced to go to attractions in cold weather or bad weather. Plus, wait times for attractions are significantly shorter

When to go to Disneyland Paris Park

With climate approval, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • It is always preferable to stay during the week, avoiding spending the night on Sunday (a little more expensive). From Tuesday to Thursday, the rates are slightly cheaper.
  • By booking more than 3 months in advance, you can buy the flight at a favorable rate.
  • Shuttles and private vehicles that take you from the airport to the park are generally quite expensive. Prefer the RER, the excellent and efficient suburban metro, which has a stop RIGHT INSIDE THE PARK, and costs less than half compared to the Shuttle.
  • Often, half board is the best solution, because not all restaurants are associated with Full Board and, above all, you will not waste a meal in case you want to take a trip to see Paris. You can hardly resist, having it so close, and within reach!
  • If (as they say) time is money, carefully consider purchasing the new Disney Premier Access to avoid the attraction queues. More info from this link.

As for hotels, the offer is quite vast, starting with the official hotels within the Park. To save money, however, you can opt for a stay in Marne la Vallée. Through this page, you can search for the most suitable hotel, if you do not want to stay inside the Park.


Three days and two nights might be enough. Especially if you intend to spend as many in Paris. Keep in mind, however, that many of the discounts and special offers (unless you have booked the very first and luxurious hotels), require a stay of at least three nights. Don’t despair: you can take advantage, during one of these days, to spend the afternoon and evening in the capital!

If you are planning to visit the Park and the Studios, keep in mind that it will be rather unlikely to be able to see everything in one day. Especially considering the lines at the most popular attractions. In this case, you may want to consider purchasing the Premier Access service.

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