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Disney Premier Access, the card to enter attractions without queuing

Disney Premier Access

With the return to full speed in 2021, one of Disneyland Paris’s biggest new features has been Disney Premier Access.
Initially introduced in the experimental phase, in 2022 it replaced the FASTPASS, now officially retired.

Only available in two versions (One and Ultimate), Premier Access allows you to access the most popular attractions, without having to queue. In total there are 13 of which 9 at the Park and 4 at the Studios.


Disney Premier Access is available in two versions: Single and Ultimate. The price varies depending on the attraction and the day, which is why it is preferable to check in real time on the official APP.
For each attraction, in addition to the price, the earliest available time to access is indicated.

Disney Premier Access

Photo ©, Jeremy Thompson

The Premier Access Single entitles you to SINGLE ACCESS for a single attraction of your choice among those available. Here is the list of attractions included with the Pass, and the price:

  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril: €7
  • Autopy: €7
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast: 11€
  • Orbitron: 7€
  • Star Tours, the adventure continues: €7
  • Peter Pan’s Flight: €14
  • Big Thunder Mountain: €16
  • Phantom Manor: €7
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: €16
  • Cars Road Trip: €7
  • Ratatouille, the adventure: €14
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: €14
  • Crush’s Coaster: €16

As indicated, the single Premier Pass can only be used once for the attraction purchased. A pass must be purchased for each person aged 3 and over.

The ULTIMATE Pass, on the other hand, allows you to enter only once in each of the 13 attractions available. It costs 90€.
As with the previous one, a pass must be purchased for each person.

Prices may undergo slight changes during the year and/or on the occasion of particular events, such as Halloween and Christmas.


The Pass can be purchased directly on the official Disneyland APP (for iOS and Android). The procedure is quite easy and you will find the purchase link directly on the home page, or in the PURCHASE section of the Menu. You must be registered.
If you choose to buy the single attraction, you will find the list and its cost.

Payments are accepted via Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, CB and American Express cards.
After the purchase you will receive the QR code to show at the entrance.


The prices to buy the Passes are really high (probably among the most expensive in Europe). The speech becomes even wider for a family, considering that they would pay €360 for 4 Ultimate Passes in a single day!

It is equally true that for some attractions, in high season, the wait in line reaches over 90 ‘.

Having said that, if every question has an answer… if you stay one or more nights in a Disneyland Hotel, forget about the Pass. Disneyland Hotels, in fact, offer priority access at least one hour before opening. In this case, by organizing yourself well, you can take advantage of the time available for the most popular attractions.
If, on the other hand, you visit the park in a single day, you can think about evaluating the purchase of Premier Access.

IMPORTANT: The pass will not give you immediate access to the attraction. Once you have chosen the available time slot, you will be shown the time within the chosen slot to enter, avoiding the queue.

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