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Disneyland Paris the most famous park in Europe. Opening hours, tickets

Disneyland Paris

No name is getting more acclaim (especially among children) around the world. You say Disney and you read fun.
Disneyland Paris, the amusement park of Paris, is this… and much more.

It is (re)becoming a child again, even if only for a couple of days. It is watching your children’s eyes light up in the presence of Mickey Mouse & Co.; is watching your “princesses” become one in all respects for a few days, walking inside a fairytale castle… And it does not matter if the usual snobs come to fill us with sermons about the fact that it can be the place of consumerism. Or the successful attempt to “Americanize” Europe, with a sort of cultural imperialism of this brand transferred to France.

For better or for worse, Disney attracts. And if this serves to make everyone spend a few days together, then WHAT WELL!

The park, initially called EURO DISNEY, is an amusement center located 32 km east of the capital, exactly in Marne-la-Vallée. Euro Disney Resort and its theme park, Euro Disneyland, officially opened on April 12, 1992.
The property consists of two theme parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Outside, on the other hand, is the Disney Village, a complex of themed restaurants and shops for shopping, open until midnight and with free access. And, again, a golf course and 7 official hotels. There are also 3 railway stations, including 2 RER (the Parisian suburban metro) and a TGV. As if to say: nothing is missing.

Disneyland Paris Marne la Vallee

Disneyland Paris, needs no introduction: everywhere we read and talk about this park. The official site offers comprehensive information on everything.


The answer, although obvious, in reality it is not. If you are a couple, or with adult friends, looking for adrenaline, rest assured that… you will not find a lot of it, at least in the Disneyland park, which focuses more on special effects and themed attractions.
If, on the other hand, you are with your children, especially small ones, Disneyland will surely leave them speechless: the entrance, the main street with all the Disney-branded shops, the Castle and, above all, the inevitable characters scattered almost everywhere. Nobody will remain indifferent. Especially you, dear fathers and mothers, armed with smartphones or cameras, and ready to immortalize your little ones with a smile on their face.


Times may differ depending on the day and on the occasion of particular events such as Christmas and Halloween. Generally, both parks are open Monday through Sunday, including holidays, from 10:00 to 20:00. Those who, on the other hand, stay in one of the official Disney hotels, will be able to enjoy… more time for magic. They will have the opportunity to access the parks more than an hour before the opening!


There are different types of tickets which vary depending on the day of the visit, the age, the number of parks and the number of days. Here is a brief detail:


This is the most advantageous rate: when purchasing, you must indicate the precise date of the visit to the Park. The pure ticket can be changed within 3 days of arrival; otherwise you will lose the entire amount. Available in the following versions:

  • 1 DAY – 1 PARK. Prices range from a minimum of €56 (low season) to a maximum of €99 in high season, for events and on Sundays. You can access Disneyland Park or the Studios at your choice.
  • 1 DAY – 2 PARKS. Prices range from a minimum of €81 (low season) to a maximum of €124 in high season, for events and on Sundays. In our opinion, being able to see both parks on the same day is very unlikely!
  • 2 DAYS – 2 PARKS. Access to both parks for two consecutive days. Prices from a minimum of €142 to a maximum of €224.
  • 3 DAYS – 2 PARKS. You can access both parks for 3 consecutive days, with prices from €201 to €312
  • 4 DAYS – 2 PARKS. From € 236 to € 368.

It is only available as a single day version for one park or both. In the first case it costs €105 while in the version for both parks it costs €130. There are no reductions. With this ticket you can enter the day you prefer. It is valid for one year from purchase.

Reduced tickets are available for children aged 3 to 12 years old. Rates are discounted by 7/8%. Children under the age of 3 enter for free accompanied by a paying adult.

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