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Disneyland Park. The most beautiful attractions and shows in the Park

Disneyland Park

Disneyland Park is the main park of Disneyland Paris, one of the most visited in Europe. It is dedicated to the world of fairy tales, great classics and Disney characters.
The Park consists of 5 thematic areas. The first to be visited is Main Street USA


Here are the thematic areas and attractions present with (any) minimum height requirements.


The thematic area of ​​the future, imagined by the great dreamers … of the past! Starring the world of Star Wars and Buzz Lightyears!

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain. Ready for an extraordinary mission, piloting a spaceship? Hyperspace Mountain is the reinterpretation of the classic “Space Mountain” in the Star Wars theme. Certainly, one of the must-see attractions at Disneyland Park. From 120cm up.
Star Tours: the adventure continues. You can become the Heroes of the Rebellion aboard a Starspeeder 1000. A three-dimensional journey that will take you to extraordinary star systems and worlds at war, up to the… Death Star! From 102cm up.
Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. A fantastic intergalactic battle, with laser cannon shots.
Autopia. Vehicles are driven on monorails, along climbs, descents and hairpin bends. A minimum height of 82cm is required.
Mickey and his FilarMagica Orchestra. An extraordinary spectacle for the eyes and ears, specially revisited for the Park. A 4D experience between music and magic with the famous songs of the most loved Disney cartoons.


The area inspired by the Great Classics by Disney, with the suggestive Castle, a true symbol of the whole Park, to be the backdrop.

Fantasyland Dineyland Park

It’s A Small World. A cruise that will take you around the world, accompanied by dolls that will sing and dance to the notes of the famous hymn.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You travel on a fantastic mine train to discover the magical world of Snow White.
Dumbo. Magic for the little ones, aboard dumbo-vehicles.
Alice’s Labyrinth. From the Den of the White Rabbit, to the Castle of the Queen of Hearts, through a curious labyrinth.
Lancelot’s carousel. One of the classic, and more ancient, rides on horseback carved by hand.
Casey Junior – Le petit Train du Cirque. Traveling on a cheerful little train to discover miniature wonders.
Sleeping Beauty Castle. One of the symbols of Disneyland Park. You can visit a real fairytale castle, with spiers and towers, decorated glass. Ready for your fantastic selfie?
Sleeping Beauty Gallery. Among tapestries, decorated glass and books, revives the magic of a great Disney Classic.
Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup. Mad cups for the whole family.
Pays des Contes de Fées. A suggestive cruise through magical miniature lands.
Princess Pavillion. A magical moment for young guests, in the presence of a real … princess!
Tanière du Dragon. An adventure in the dungeons in search of a legendary dragon.
Pinocchio’s Travels. On board a wooden car, you will see all the characters in the fairy tale, with Pinocchio singing and dancing.
Peter Pan’s Flight. One of Disneyland’s favorite children’s attractions, aboard a flying galleon, including sirens, Indians and pirates.


Pirates of Caribbean Adventureland Disneyland

African buildings. Temples. Mysteries of the Caribbean. A thematic area focused on adventure themes. Includes lots of Disneyland Park attractions on the theme of exploration.

Adventure Isle. On this island, you can explore mysterious lands in search of the secrets hidden in Skull Rock.
Robinson’s hut. We climb a house built on a tree, between stairs, walkways and rooms. At the top, a fantastic view awaits you.
Pirate galleon. Adventure for the whole family, on the legendary Jolly Roger.
Enchanted Pass of Aladdin. The story of Aladdin, through the famous sets taken from the feature film.
Pirates of the Caribbean. You navigate to enchanted kingdoms, to one of the most popular Disneyland Park attractions.
Pirate Beach. Two playgrounds for small buccaneers.


Thematic area that draws inspiration from the American 19th century. From the Wild West, to colonial houses, passing through Indian camps and nineteenth-century farms.

Big Thunder Mountain. Frontierland’s most popular attraction. You board a train, on a mad dash in the depths of a legendary mountain. Evocative Western reinterpretation of the roller coaster for children from 102 cm upwards.
Phantom Manor. A castle of ghosts, between spirits and monsters.
Rustler Roundup Shootin ‘Gallery. A shooting range, for the fastest guns in the West.
Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing. A relaxing river cruise aboard an old ship.
Playground: adventures for the little ones in this playground between slides in the shape of a canoe and horses to ride.


A faithful reconstruction of a typical Missouri town from the early 1900s.
Discovery Arcade. Discovering the most important inventions of the 19th century, with fantastic scale models.
Horse-Drawn Streetcars. Go along the main street of the Park, aboard horse-drawn trams.
Liberty Arcade. A walk along Main Street, to learn the stories of the most famous American symbols.
Main Street Vehicles. A nostalgic ride aboard historic vehicles.
Railroad. A 20-minute tour aboard restored steam trains.


Fire shows Paris Theme Park

Not just attractions, at Disneyland Park. Between spectacular parades, and incredible shows. Above all, the amazing Illuminations, the night show, before closing.
A fantastic play of lights, sounds and colors, against the backdrop of the fairytale Castle.
All with their noses upwards to admire the show.

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