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Getting around Brasov on foot, by bus bikes taxi. Timetables, tickets, info

Getting around Brasov

The historic center of Brasov is quite small and concentrated, largely a pedestrian area. You can only move around the center.

Bikes and buses, on the other hand, are excellent solutions for getting around the new part of the city and surrounding areas.


Set off to discover the most beautiful landscapes of Brasov and Transylvania by bike. An economic, free and “eco-friendly” vehicle. There are several rental agencies, including the recent Rental Bike, in Strada Caramidariei nr. 31. Modern bikes and rates starting from €2 per hour, up to €14 for a whole day. Alternatively, you can rent a bike in the main square.


Getting Around Brasov in Transylvania

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Regia Autonoma de Transport Brasov (RATB) is the company that manages the transport system within the city. The buses are quite frequent and efficient; they represent an excellent solution for getting around Brasov.

Public transport is also recommended if you are self-provided. Tickets are, in fact, quite cheap; which is why we recommend that you leave your car at your accommodation or, alternatively, in a parking area.

Thanks to 36 buses and 8 trolleybus lines, it is possible to move around Brasov with extreme ease. Generally, the service is active from 05 in the morning until 23. There is no night service, except in exceptional cases.

Among the most interesting routes, we point out the line 51. A ring route that runs from Livada Poştei to Piaţa Unirii. Thanks to it, you can take a kind of tour of the medieval citadel and its surroundings. Not least are the lines 50 and 50B, which both cross the center. Line 20, for which a special ticket is required, arrives at the wonderful Poiana Brasov.

Contrary to what many might think, Brasov, like many Romanian tourist cities, is extremely efficient. Public transport is an example of this. Suffice it to say that they are truly modern and comfortable vehicles, many of which also have free Wi-Fi. Just get on board one of the vehicles, use the totally free “WiFi Digi Hall BV” connection… ..and that’s it!


Excluding the PASS, which, considering the duration, you almost certainly do not buy the network, the choice is rather limited.

  • BILLET 2 CALATORII is a ticket valid for 2 trips on all city vehicles (excluding line 20). It costs 5.00lei.
  • PACHET 10 CALATORII is a non-rechargeable and non-nominative card, valid for 10 journeys on all means except line 20. Suitable for those who want to move around Brasov by public transport, quite often. It costs 25.00Lei.
  • ABONAMENT 1 ZI TOATE LINIILE allows unlimited travel on all buses (except line 20) for a whole day. It costs 12lei.
  • The BILLET 1 CALATORIE LINIA 20 Express, allows you to make a trip to Poiana Brasov with line 20. It costs 6.00Lei.

Tickets must be validated before boarding, under penalty of a fine of 60.00Lei.

Tickets can be purchased from merchants displaying the RAT or “Bilete si abonamente transport public” sign. You can buy tickets to move around Brasov at newsstands, in the Central Station, newsagents and even supermarkets.


Taxis are not exactly the best for getting around Brasov, considering the costs. Generally, an initial fee is paid to which the cost of 2Lei is added for each km. Always choose official taxis with the logo and meter clearly visible.

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