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Trip in the Algarve. What to do and see during your holiday on the road.

Trip in the Algarve

Emotions. Extraordinary landscapes. Art and culture. A trip in the Algarve on the road is, without a doubt, an extraordinary experience. A wonderful region, south of Portugal, which, thanks to its landscape conformation, offers breathtaking views and incredible colors, with the magnificent and powerful Ocean in the background. Here, the places not to be missed, during a trip to Algrave. A tour, of course, to be followed possibly on the road!


Faro is the capital of the Algarve since 1756, and was born as a fishing village. It is known to international tourism as a starting point for discovering the seaside resorts of the region. Faro, in the course of its history, has been influenced by the Romans and Arabs (populations that dominated it); unfortunately it was the victim of events that were nothing short of disastrous over the centuries, such as the looting and destruction of the city by Robert Devereux 2º Count of Essex (favorite of Queen Elizabeth I of England) in the 1596; or the terrible 1755 earthquake that destroyed it.

La Cidade Velha (old city) is inside the medieval Arabic city walls, largely covered by buildings. In the center there is the Be, the cathedral built on a site that was home to a Roman temple, a Visigoth church, and then a mosque; the church has a Romanesque-Gothic style of the 1251. Over the years it has been modified several times and only the portico tower remains today.

Not to be missed, always in the old part, the Bishop’s Palace, eighteenth-century bishop’s palace with a patio and interiors with the typical ones azulejos (Portuguese); the remains of Neolithic walls rebuilt by the Arabs and pierced by medieval gates; there church of Nossa Senhora de Assunção of the XVI century, today the seat of the Museu Arqueológico.


Really singular, instead, the Capella dos Ossos, one of the most incredible places in the city. It stands at the back of the beautiful Igreja do Carmo church. Besides 1000 skeletons and bones decorate the walls of this small, macabre, chapel. Not to be missed on this trip in Algarve. The entrance ticket costs 2€ per person, and you will find it open from Monday to Friday, until 17: 30, and Saturday morning.

A Praça de Libertade you could visit the Regional Ethnographic Museum; it is another interesting museum that takes us back to the traditional modus vivendi of the Algarve region.

Faro is famous as a seaside tourist resort on the inner coast of the Atlantic Ocean, highly appreciated not only by locals, but also by the international tourists.

The Faro coast is also composed of a lagoon that separates and protects the city from the Atlantic Ocean; the Ria Formosa Natural Park, which extends along the Algarvian coast, from Praia de Faro to Cacela Velha, for about 60 km between the cities of Faro, Tavira, and Olhao.
Here are found islets, marshes, sand dunes to prevent the high tide of the Atlantic; all this, within a perfect eco-system for the fauna and vegetation of these places.

Kanoa recommend starting your tour from the city of Faro. In this way, you will be able to appreciate all the villages, and the towns that you will encounter while traveling in the Algarve; moreover, although in Faro a myriad of agencies organize tours, Kanoa advises expressly to dedicate at least 4 to 6 days. Obviously, strictly in the car.


The town of Albufeira counts 35 thousand inhabitants, a number that, during the summer months, grows disproportionately; every year, in fact, from April to September is the destination of thousands of European tourists. Albufeira is an ancient Moorish stronghold, whose name, in Arabic, means “sea fortress”; the village, all colored in white, overlooks the ocean from a promontory, from which stands out irrepressible and fascinating.

It is a city rich in historical places.

Albufeira Vacation in the Algarve

Absolutely not to be missed is the clock tower called Torre do Relógio: a true city symbol, where in the nineteenth century an iron crown was placed on top, which lights up for the most important events.

One of the places of greatest attraction is undoubtedly the church of Igreja Matriz, in perfect 18th century neoclassical style; in the church the Cross of Aviz is kept the military and religious symbol of the Order of Aviz and the beautiful statue of the Madonna Conception of the eighteenth century.

Among the other monuments we also mention the Church of Sao Sebastião located in the square of Miguel Bombarda, which has a splendid door in the mandolin style; inside it is particularly appreciated the Sacred Museum.

And again, in particular for history buffs, we point out, the Estàtua de Sao Vicente (a beautiful statue dedicated to St. Vincent), the ruins of the Castle at Rua Joaquim Pedro Samora, the romantic Arch of the Via della Chiesa Antica which is presented in typical Moorish style, the Municipal Archaeological Museum.

Finally, not far from Albufeira, in the hamlet of Guia, you find it Zoomarine, an interesting oceanographic park opened in 1991.

Here you can watch consuenti shows of dolphins and observe closely seals, sharks, turtles and exotic birds; the park is also a rehabilitation center for marine protected species, in which there are many services suitable for the whole family such as restaurants, shops, and refreshment points. Zoomarine is the ideal place to spend a day in harmony, above all it is an extremely pleasant place for the little ones.

Just a few kilometers from Albufeira, do not miss a visit to Sao Rafael, in which you will be able to admire naturalistic beauties that the sea has eroded over time: a unique spectacle of its kind. The carved cliffs, the cracks, the natural pools and the solitary stacks that rise from the water are the major attractions of this beach and are the perfect setting for taking authored photos.

And, remaining on the subject of unique shows, for the entire summer period, the small village of Pera, hosts the largest exposure to the world of sand sculptures!

Praia do Evaristo it is a beach with rocks and rich, therefore, of submarine life; here, divers and snorkelers can swim together with lots of colorful fish.

Praia do Evaristo is for all tastes: the coast has received the Blue Flag and offers all modern facilities, and it is possible to practice various water sports.


During your trip in the Algarve, it is advisable to stay at least one night in the picturesque town of Armacao de Pera.

In this beautiful place, miles of fine, golden sand await you, with an incredibly lively and lively promenade. Numerous bars, restaurants and gardens offer entertainment of all kinds to the thousands of tourists who flock to this village.

The historic town of Silves, capital of the Algarve of the eleventh century, absolutely worth a visit. It is located on one of the hills of this mountain range overlooking the river Arade, and is full of restaurants where you can enjoy excellent local dishes.

Of course, a trip to the Algarve can not be separated from visiting the best beaches. Crossing the M530-1 up to Lombos, and turning south, in 15 minutes by car you reach the marvelous Praia da Marinha. The beach, with the nearby Benagil caves, represents two Top places of your vacation.

Trip in the Algarve

The caves of Benagil they are a unique naturalistic show in Europe; they are very close to the village of the same name, in the area of Carvoeiro. The rocky walls, masterfully eroded by the sea, form a sort of dome; during low tide you can walk in the cave. This and other isolated coves can be reached by boat trips that leave from Benagil beach.


Portimao it is a town with more than 40.000 inhabitants; the historical part is all to be visited, with an incredible cluster of picturesque streets and alleys.

Portimao represents a center of great appeal for art, architecture and history lovers; you can admire, in fact, the houses of the end 19th century and beginning 20th century and the walls decorated with the famous azulejos, in addition to sections of medieval walls, still standing.

During your walk downtown, you will see many boats landed at the port: Portimao has a very nice garden, the Jardim Manuel Bívar. Not far away, Praia da Rocha it is one of the beaches more appreciated in the Region. Not to be missed during the your trip in the Algarve.

Kanoa now it is advisable to move towards Lagos, taking the A22 road, and in just over half an hour you will have arrived at your destination.


Lagos Algarve

Lakes is one of the most interesting destinations in the Algarve, which, with its holiday spirit, attracts thousands of tourists all year round, thanks to a perfect climate and a series of beaches of incredible natural beauty, among which stands out, Praia de Dona Ana. Lagos is the city that, p more than all suffered a massive Arab presence.

Kanoa do not miss the church of San Antonio 1715, survivor of the tragic 1755 earthquake; this beautiful church, as it is now a tradition in the religious architecture of Portugal, presents externally a simple and humble facade that hides the rich and decorated interiors.

Another interesting place to visit is the Forte da Ponta da Bandeira, located in Avenida dos Descobrimentos; it is part of the seventeenth century fortress built to protect the possible incursions coming from the city port.

Clearly, the greatest attraction is represented by the splendid beaches of which this coastal stretch is rich: Meta Praia, Praia Solaria, Praia da Batata, Praia dos Estudantes, and Praia da Luz.


Last stop on the trip in the Algarve is Capo de Sao Vicente.

The Romans called him Promontorium Sacrum and it was the place where the gods consulted about the fate of mortals and where sacrifices were made before embarking on sea voyages.

Capo San Vincenzo is a promontory with cliffs high 80 meters, shaped by weather and time over the centuries; this place enchants itself for travelers and pilgrims, who come so far in the extreme south-west of Portugal, as well as at the end of the Algarve, to admire the infinite Ocean.

On the promontory there are the fort and a convent of ancient foundation (XV century) that house a lighthouse visible at 95 Km away and still considered today among the most powerful in Europe.

The terrace built around the lighthouse overlooking the sea is accessible for free and offers breathtaking panoramic views.

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