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Beaches in the Algarve. The best places and most beautiful cove

Beaches in the Algarve

Picturesque coastal villages. Lively and lively cities. Breathtaking views. And of course, beautiful beaches, suitable for all tastes.

Starting from the beautiful Faro, here are some of the best beaches in the Algarve.


Beaches in the Algarve, Praia-da-Falesia

As soon as you leave the city of Faro, you enter the A22, and, in less than 40 minutes, you reach the picturesque Praia da Falesia. A truly impressive show!
A few minutes from Albufeira, this very long stretch is among the most popular beaches in the Algarve. It is characterized by cliff rocks, of a thousand shades, which create an absolutely incredible contrast with the blue of the sea and the golden sand.

The perfect place to enjoy wonderful sunsets, perhaps sipping a good glass of wine …
Tripadvisor, a well-known review portal, has named it in 2019 as the best beach in all of Portugal. How can you blame him?


For many, the best beaches in the Algarve are in Albufeira. Right here, you will be spoiled for choice.
Left Faro, the first to meet along the way is Oura Beach. A particularly famous place, a favorite destination for tourists. A long stretch of golden sand, with rocky cliffs as a backdrop. Around, clubs and lots of bars.
Clean beach, equipped with all the essential comforts and services.
It has parking, outside, not far away.
It follows, shortly after, Praia dos Alemães, a wide golden beach, well equipped and not very crowded like the most famous beaches in the Algarve.

Beaches in the Algarve, Albufeira
In the long stretch of coast that stretches in front of the beautiful old town of Albufeira, you will find the most crowded, and renowned places. Peneco, Praça dos Pescadorese Inatel, are three beaches in one, flanked by beautiful golden cliffs. Peneco is a long stretch of golden sand, very lively and lively, with numerous places. Pescadores is an ancient fishing village, voted today for tourism. You’ll find lots of fish restaurants, and numerous boats ready to go on tours and excursions.

Before reaching the renowned Armacao de Pera, you’ll find an impressive number of coves, beaches, and breathtaking views. It would be practically impossible to visit all the wonderful beaches in the Algarve along this stretch.
Arrifes, is a small beach, with particularly hot water, and a lot of underwater life. Easily accessible but particularly crowded in high season.
Coelha e Praia do Castelo, both are particularly beautiful and evocative, with rocks eroded by wind and water to frame.
Praia do Evaristo it is a beach with rocks and rich, therefore, of submarine life; here, divers and snorkelers can swim together with lots of colorful fish.
Praia do Evaristo it is a beach suitable for all tastes. He received the Blue Flag, and is particularly equipped; here, you will be able to practice numerous water sports.


Of the beaches in the Algarve, Galè is the top for families and children. The reason is mainly due to the formation of the numerous natural pools of low tide, much loved by the little ones. Surrounded by rocky walls to the east, it is particularly wide, with golden sand and transparent water.
The area is easily accessible, with plenty of parking areas available.


A sort of “balcony on the ocean”. The picturesque town, once a fishing village, has become one of the most popular resorts in the region. This is thanks to the kilometers of beaches that attract many visitors every year from all over Europe.
Here, beautiful sandy, local, and lots of fun await you. The water is fairly calm and, above all, with temperatures slightly above the average of the other areas.
About 6 kilometers of beaches, framed by cliffs of yellow limestone that represent the leitmotiv of this stretch of coast.
The area is ideal for long walks, and for sipping a drink in one of the many bars in the area.


Praia Marinha. Beaches in the Algarve
Beautiful, charming and evocative, Praia da Marina is one of the beaches in the Algarve, not to be missed during your vacation. A place of infinite beauty.
Set in a cliff, among suggestive cliffs, natural arches, and caves accessible only by swimming.
The image of the beach often represents the Algarve spot. Many agencies and tour operators immortalize this place on brochures and specialized magazines.
It can be visited by boat, or by a suggestive route, recommended by us, which will lead you to admire it from the top of the cliff, which gives access to the beach; from here, a long staircase leads you to this little corner of paradise.
Of course, don’t expect peace and tranquility.
The beach, with nearby Benagil, is literally stormed by tourists.


A few minutes drive from the caves of Benagil Praia do Carvalho, it represents a good solution to escape the chaos and the crush of the nearby famous beaches. A small oasis, between rocky cliffs and the Ocean, capable of maintaining a sort of wild charm.
With cliffs overlooking the blue ocean, in a breathtaking panorama. It is reached via a path carved into the rock.
Go there, you won’t regret it.
Absolutely subjective judgment: one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve!


Praia da Rocha Portimão fisherman

Photo ©, Steven Fruitsmaak

Established among the first places of the most beautiful beaches of the country, Praia da Rocha, represents an unmissable destination of the vacation in the Algarve.
A long and immense sandy expanse, which extends for about three kilometers, with rocky walls carved by the sea.
The beaches of Praia de Rocha are among the best, and most appreciated on the coast, destined for a varied clientele. There are beach volleyball, football, and basketball courts. Possibility to practice water sports and even aerobic gymnastics.
This is also the heart of the nightlife, with numerous clubs, discos, and casinos for nightlife.


Another top place to visit, among the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve. A very long stretch that alternates stretches of sand with spectacular coves and inlets, set between rocks.
A beach suitable for all needs, and age, loved by adults and children.
It is reached quite easily and, for this reason, it is taken by assault, especially in high season.


Top destination in the Algarve, Lagos offers some of the beaches in the Algarve not to be missed. Starting from Meta Praia, just before reaching the city center. A huge expanse of fine sand, over 4 km long.
The ideal place to run at dawn, and for romantic walks on the ocean.
So wide, that, even in August, you can easily lie down in the sun, without the thought of touching the ground of others!

Even just passing through Lagos, you can’t miss a visit to Praia do Camilo, splendid inlet among ocher-colored rocks.
Enchanting view, for what many consider to be the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve, and of all Portugal.
Access is via a natural tunnel, carved into the rock.
The beauty and the charming charm end up getting lost in the stream of people invading the beach. Preferable to get there at sunset, or in less popular periods.


A small bay that rises in the small village of Budens, reachable, quite easily, after a short path.
Sandy beach, wild and uncrowded with a fairly calm sea and cold waters.
One of the few beaches frequented by naturists.


The favorite place for windsurfers. Sagres is a beautiful Algarvian village, between sun and nature, in a wild environment.
Here, you will find windswept beaches, a veritable paradise for surfers.
Praia de Martinhal e Praia do Beliche they are among the top beaches in the area.

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