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Algarve. How to arrive by car and train. Get in by bikes. Info and guide


The Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal, preserves around 200 km of coastline between incredible landscapes, cliffs, golden beaches, crystal clear sea and caves of infinite beauty.

A name of great appeal, for all of Portugal. A place full of history. In this region, from the II Century BC, settled, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs. And, precisely the latter called they used the term Al-Gharb, later modified by the Portuguese, in the Algarve.

In the fifteenth century Prince Henry the Navigator chose the Algarve and Sagres in particular as the basis of his school of navigation, geography and cartography. This allowed Portugal to discover a sea route to Asia and lay the foundations for the foundation of its vast colonial empire.

Just two hours by car and three hours by train from Lisbon, the recommended city to start the tour of this wonderful region. Each village, starting from Faro, the main city, offers incredible views of the Atlantic … you will take beautiful photos, you will live an absolutely unforgettable Portugal!




Faro, with his international Airport, has always been considered the basis for arriving in the Algarve. The Portuguese city is just a few kilometers away from the homonymous international airport. The latter is well connected, with direct flights, with many European destinations. In addition, it is served by two bus lines that allow you to reach the center.

Lisbon and Seville are two excellent alternatives. Above all having some time available. Landing in Lisbon, you can spend a couple of days in the marvelous Portuguese capital, and reach, by train, Faro. Another option is to rent a car directly in Lisbon and travel the approximately 250 kilometers to get to the south of the country.

Naturally, the options are really varied.

It is possible to arrive from Lisbon by train; the trip lasts from 3 to 3 and a half hours. From the Portuguese capital, trains are quite frequent. The company that manages the railway connections to Faro is Coimbos de Portugal. the cost of a one-way ticket is between €22.15 and €23.50.


The Andalusian city is a great alternative to reach the city of Faro and start your Algarve tour. From this link, all the info on this wonderful city. Once in Seville, you can rent a car and start your journey to Portugal.

First the A49 Motorway, and then the A22, will take you to Faro; the journey takes about two hours, for a total of 198 Km.

If Losbona does not fall into your holiday plans, we highly recommend the Seville option, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, car hire is, on average, lower than in Lisbon. In addition, there are no toll motorways in the Seville region, unlike the Lisbon-Algarve highway, which costs tens of euros. For the occasion, you can also discover a truly wonderful city.

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