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Getting around the Algarve by car, train and bikes. Practical info and links

Getting around the Algarve

Getting around in the Algarve depends a lot on your idea of a vacation. The solutions, in this regard, are truly manifold. Cars, motorcycles, buses, trains and even bikes.


The solution that combines practicality and comfort. The A22 is the highway that crosses the region, ideal for medium-range journeys.
Keep in mind that the motorway allows you to getting around the Algarve, away from the coastal stretch. Therefore it is a fast but less panoramic solution.
Alternatively, you can use the provincial roads. The latter, however, pass through the inhabited centers, making the journey times enormously longer.

It takes almost two hours to travel the entire stretch from the Spanish border to Sagres. In total, they are 165 km, of which over 120 on the highway, for a toll of around 9.00€.
From Faro to Sagres, instead, they are a little less than 120km.


The most fascinating solution for getting around the Algarve.
On two wheels, you can set off to explore places and beaches, crossing over 200 kilometers of cycle path. Suggestive and fascinating solution, which offers truly unique views and views, through the splendid Ecovia Litoral do Algarve. More information from here.

Moving by bike obviously requires some preparation and a good athletic base.

Getting around the Algarve


By train, the Linha do Algarve, stretches, for about 140 kilometers from Lakes a Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Via Faro, Tavira e Albufeira. If you want to reduce costs by not renting a car, this is the option for you. Of course, by train, there will be less freedom to move around the Algarve. Furthermore, travel times are quite long.

From Faro to Albufeira, it takes just over 30 minutes. From Faro to Lagos, the journey time is around 100 minutes.


The price varies, depending on the distance, and the booking period. Typically, by booking 8 days before the trip, you can take advantage of a discounted rate.
Other reductions are foreseen for children, young people up to 30 years, over 65 and families.

Furthermore, by booking a return ticket, you can take advantage of an additional discount of 10%.
A ticket from Faro to Lagos, on 2a Class regional service, costs around 13€ at standard fare, and 7€ at a discounted rate.

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