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Spinalonga, the island near Crete. How to arrive by boats, what to see


To the north-east of the beautiful island of Crete, in the gulf of Elounda, rises the splendid Spinalonga, a really beautiful and suggestive island fortress.

Spinalonga, in reality, is the neighboring peninsula, although, with this term, it tends to indicate the splendid Venetian fortress of the islet of Kalydon.

The island, in the sixteenth century, had a strategic military role for the Venetians who, right here, built a series of impressive fortifications. From the 20th century until 1957, it welcomed those affected by leprosy, becoming the last leper colony in Europe.

Today, the island is uninhabited and devoid of accommodation facilities. It is, undoubtedly, an interesting archaeological site that preserves important evidence of Venetian and Ottoman domination. It is really beautiful, and fascinating, the excursion in this really suggestive island. Magical atmospheres, breathtaking views and beautiful views await you. Really beautiful. Get ready to make beautiful shots.

Spinalonga e Kalydon



Spinalonga can be reached by sea from Elounda and nearby Plaka Marina. From both, boats leave every day until 6.30pm to take you to your destination.

From Elounda, the boat takes about 20 minutes. The ticket costs € 10 per person.
From Plaka Marina, instead, the crossing takes about 20 minutes. The ticket costs € 8.00 per person.

Alternatively, even from the more distant Agios Nikolaos, boats leave which, in just over an hour, arrive in Kalydon.


To visit the site it is necessary to purchase the admission ticket, at a cost of €8.00 per person, per adult.

You can visit the small museum set up inside, take beautiful walks and enjoy absolutely unique views. The fortress is well preserved.


It is preferable to arrive early in the morning, avoiding excessive heat and crushing in high season. Or arrive late in the afternoon. Please note that the last boats generally leave at 18:30. However, we advise you to check on the spot about the last run.

There is only one bar on the island. The prices are quite high. Bring water if possible.

We recommend starting from the small port of Plaka Marina. You can take a nice walk along the promenade, dotted with cafes and taverns, and enjoy a splendid view of Spinalonga.

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map of the island

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