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Balos Beach, one of the top Crete beaches. Practical info and guide

Balos Beach

Balos Beach is a beautiful lagoon located in the western part of the island of Crete; it is 45 km from Chania and it is accessible both by car and by boat. In the first case, it is necessary pass through Kissamos and continue up to Balos. By ship instead, from the port of Kissamos a catamaran sets sail every day with many visitors on board; the ferry first makes a stop on the island of Gramvousa, then proceeds to the Balos lagoon.

Balos once a den of pirates, is positioned between the Capo Gramvousa and Capo Tigani; the sight of this authentic wonder of nature literally takes your breath away. Caribbean sea and incredible vegetation await you in one of the most fascinating places in the world!

If you decide to reach it by car, once you start walking, as you leave the mountain, a natural spectacle awaits you that you will hardly forget for the rest of your life!

We recommend the route by car, although harder and harder because of the many steep climbs and descents. A minimum of training is required, but it is definitely worth it. The route is really fascinating and evocative; in addition to taking pictures of the author, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wild nature of Crete.

Balos Beach

Once passed the town of Kissamos, follow the direction for Balos; after a few kilometers, at the bifurcation, follow the sign for Balos Beach; the dirt road is impervious, is to contrast the beautiful setting that is presented to your eyes. With the beautiful Cretan sea, undisputed protagonist of the scenery.

Before reaching the destination, you will be asked to pay (mandatory) 1,00€ per person. This is a real tax, required for the maintenance of Balos and the lagoon.

Kanoa advises to get to Balos Beach by Jeep. Alternatively, you could also opt for utilities, as long as they do not have too low a trim; you risk damaging the car. We advise you to check, before renting the car, at the local agency. You have to travel about 7 km of dirt road, before arriving in the parking area. It is advisable in the morning, as if you were to arrive too late, you would risk to park too far.

Arm yourself with water bottles and a hat. Wear appropriate clothing for the weather and, above all, wear comfortable shoes. Do not forget it! The first part of the route is entirely flat, before starting the descent.

After about 15 minutes of walking, suddenly, you will see Balos in all its beauty. Take a breath and take the usual picture in a truly unique and incredible panorama. Already you are there, relax a bit ‘: an impervious descent between the rocks awaits you! After about 20 minutes … you will have arrived in Paradise!

Balos Beach is fairly organized, with sunbeds and umbrellas and toilets; There is also a bar offering snacks and drinks, ice cream and coffee.

The ship that sails to Balos arrives more or less around the 15. Until then, you will be very quiet without a crowd wandering around you. There is room for everyone: the area is truly remarkable.

Balos is a must visit if you are in Crete, clearly if you stay in Heraklion it becomes an endless journey. Otherwise, if you were in Chania (strategic position recommended by Kanoa), it becomes really feasible.

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