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Kaunas Funicular, or Aleksotas. Guide, info, history, route, timetables

Kaunas Funicular

An extraordinary journey into the past, up to the mythical hill of Aleksotas, where, according to legend, the eternal fire guarded by the vestal Milda burned.
Today, thanks to the Kaunas Funicular (or, more correctly, Alkesotas) you can travel aboard the ancient red wagons with wooden seats and stopping platforms of the pre-war plant.

That’s right!
In fact, the original components, before the World War, are still used in the funicular. Obviously, all the safety systems, brakes, emergency system, have been expertly renewed.

The Aleksotas funicular covers a stretch of just 142 meters, following the same route as the original route, officially inaugurated in 1935. At the arrival station, the panoramic point with a suggestive view of Kaunas awaits you.
In 1996 it was included in the Register of Cultural Real Estate of the Republic of Lithuania. In 2015 it received the recognition of European Heritage.

The funicular is operated by the public transport company Kauna Autobusai, which also operates the bus and trolleybus service in the city.

Kaunas Funicular

Photo ©, Michal Gorski



Built on the right bank of the Nemunas River, the Aleksotas Funicular follows a path of a total length of 142 meters, which starts at the end of Vytauto Didžiojo tiltas (the Great Bridge) and climbs towards the Aleksotas hill.
Considering it a means of transport is quite an understatement. The funicular is above all an attraction not to be missed on holiday in Kaunas.


The Kaunas Funicular is open every day, Monday to Sunday, from 07:00 to 19:00.
On 24 and 31 December, it closes at 18:00.

Every day, the funicular has a break in service from 13:00 to 14:00.


To access the funicular you need to purchase a specific ticket at a cost of €1.20 for a single trip, and €2.00 for a round trip.
Adults aged 65 and over pay the discounted rate of 50% of the price.

The special FAMILY TICKET is available at a cost of €3.00 for one way, and €4.00 for a round trip. It can be used by up to 2 adults and a child up to 18 years old.

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