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Kaunas, a beautiful city in Lithuania. How to get there by car, train, bus


Ancient capital of Lithuania, and a real beating heart of the country, Kaunas is a small jewel to be discovered.
A city rich in history, jealously guardian of its origins and traditions and, above all, far from mass tourism.
Precisely for this reason, visiting this city can offer authentic and genuine sensations.

You will be able to discover the culture and folklore of an entire people. Admire its splendid stone castle. Extraordinary open-air museums with reconstructions of ancient Lithuanian villages. Traveling aboard historic funiculars, on wagons from the 1930s.

A historic city whose origins date back to the years before Christ, as the first settlements along the confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers. The inhabited nucleus would have developed around the fourteenth century when the stone Castle was built on the ashes of an old wooden fortress. It is one of the oldest in the whole country.
The city also hosts the first and only zoological garden in the entire country.

Kaunas has been recognized by UNESCO as a city of design, where the opposing souls of the New and the Old, and different cultures coexist to perfection.




The international airport is located about 15 km from the city center, connected to numerous destinations by the two Low Cost airlines of Wizz Air and RyanAir. The latter, since 2010, has established its own base for connections to Central Europe. All year round there are connections with the most important European cities, including Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, Milan or Stockholm. In summer there are connections with Greece and Cyprus.

From the airport, you can easily reach the city by bus, taxi or, alternatively, by renting a car.


If your home base is the capital, you can reach the Lithuanian city comfortably by train. Kauno geležinkelio stotis is the railway station, located at M.K. Čiurlionio St 16. The station is located a short distance from the regional and international bus terminal, about 2.5 km from the center; the latter can be easily reached by public transport bus 29.
By train you can get there easily from Vilnius, in about 70 minutes. 2nd class tickets start at €5.50.


Buses remain the preferred means of transport, especially for Lithuanians, to get around the country. They offer really competitive rates and widespread connections with the main tourist destinations. Eurolines/Kaunra offers connections to numerous destinations in Eastern Europe, through modern and comfortable vehicles in which you can even transport (for a surcharge) your bike.


Many tend to visit Lithuania in a hurry, limiting the holiday to a simple weekend. If you want to dedicate 4 or 5 days to your visit, the car becomes the ideal way to move freely, and to reach the various destinations in the country. You can arrive from the capital in just over an hour. From Klaipeda, the port of Lithuania, you can get to Kaunas in just over three hours, via the A1 and passing through Vilnius. In our opinion, the car is the ideal solution for getting around and reaching your destination.

In the old town, and in the new part, there are numerous parking areas, with prices that vary depending on the area. Each area is identified by a different color, and by the relative price. In the historic center, almost entirely in the blue area, the rate is €0.30 every half hour. The areas identified by the green color are the cheapest (€0.30/h). The yellow areas, on the other hand, are the most expensive (€1.20 per hour).


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