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Getting around Kaunas by bus, car, bike. Public transport tickets. Taxi

Getting around Kaunas

Visiting Kaunas, you will discover a city that is excellently organized also from the point of view of transport and public service. With a favorable climate, the bike is the ideal way to get around the city. On foot, you can reach the main points of interest of Kaunas. Public transport, on the other hand, operates throughout the day, and allows you to move around Kaunas and its surroundings with extreme ease.


Kaunas is crossed by Eurovelo, a network of long-distance cycling routes that spans all of Europe. In total there are over 50 kilometers of bike path that run through the city. Getting around Kaunas by bike is a very popular solution for visitors, especially when the weather is nice.
Kaunas Bike offers bike rental from €6 at various points in the city center. You can opt for a full day for €12 with the classic bike, or you can choose to rent an extravagant Cargo Bike to ride with a child, with rates from €9 for one hour.

Getting around Kaunas


The cost of living in Lithuania is not too high when compared to Western Europe. Far from it. For this reason, many visitors on vacation in these parts prefer to opt for taxi journeys. Fares vary from €0.60 to €0.75 per kilometer, with prices reaching €1 during holidays and at night.
There are several private agencies operating in the city. The sign and the presence of the taximeter are the business card of reliable taxis. Make sure in advance of the fare to be paid for your journey.


The funiculars are a suggestive and fascinating way to get around Kaunas. Two funiculars are currently operational, both inaugurated in the 1930s and declared a Cultural Monument.
The Aleksotas Funicular climbs to the namesake hill. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that you travel aboard ancient red wagons with wooden seats and stop platforms of the plant before the war. With, of course, all modern security systems. More info from here.

The Žaliakalnis Funicular, inaugurated in 1931, takes you from the streets V.Putvinskio and A.Mickevičiaus to the monumental Church of the Resurrection of Christ. To travel the 142 meters in length it takes just under 2 minutes.
To use the funiculars, you need to purchase specific tickets.


The public service is operated by the Lithuanian company Kauno Autobusai. In the city there are 62 buses and trolleybuses that connect the center and the suburbs in a capillary way.
The means are efficient and quite frequent. The main lines operate every day from around 05:00 in the morning, until 22:00. On weekends and public holidays, the first ride is at approximately 06:00.
Some lines, however, operate until 18:00.
The frequency during peak times is around 10/12 minutes.


To travel on public transport, you can buy the Ziogas Card, a prepaid electronic card that allows you to travel on public transport at a discounted price. It costs € 1.50 per person and allows you to travel at a discounted rate. The bus and trolley bus ticket, in fact, costs €0.70, with a duration of 30 minutes from validation. In this period of time it is possible to change vehicles even more than once!

Alternatively, you can purchase a paper ticket valid for one journey, directly from the driver, at a cost of €1.00. Unlike the electronic ticket, with the paper ticket you can only make one ride on one vehicle. If you need to change buses, you will need to buy another ticket.


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