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What to see in Kaunas in one day, in a weekend. Museums, monuments

What to see in Kaunas

On holiday in Kaunas you can admire over 40 sites between the old and the new city.
The offer ranges from the multitude of museums to parks, passing through means of transport (real attractions).
If you are wondering what to see in Kaunas in one or more days, you will be spoiled for choice. Whether you are with your partner, family or friends.



The historic center, small and charming, is ideal for setting out to discover Kaunas. Here, different styles and architectures coexist perfectly, ranging from Gothic to Renaissance, and to Baroque.
Some of the oldest and most beautiful buildings are located right in the Old part of Kaunas such as the Castle (the first in stone in the country) and Pekuno Nama, one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in the whole country.

If you are wondering what to see in Kaunas in just one day, you just have to head straight in the direction of the Old Town.

Kaunas New Town


Means of transport as real attractions. Museums of art, history and folklore. Shopping and entertainment. The new city also offers plenty of activities for anyone looking for what to see in Kaunas.
The Devils Museum, the M.K. Čiurlionis, and the Vytautas Museum of the Great War are located a hundred meters away from each other. The Carillon is one of the attractions not to be missed.


The funiculars are a suggestive and fascinating way to get around Kaunas. Two funiculars are currently operational: Alekstoas and Žaliakalnis.
The first goes up to the namesake hill. You can travel aboard the old red wagons from the 1930s, with wooden seats. With, of course, all modern security systems. More info from here.

The Žaliakalnis Funicular leads, in less than 2 minutes, to the monumental Church of the Resurrection of Christ. More than means of transport, the 2 funiculars can be considered real attractions.


What to see in Kaunas


A place of worship consecrated only in the early 2000s, it stands on the hill of Zaliakalnis, reachable, prelate, with the fascinating funicular of the same name. A modern sanctuary, with tall columns, the largest of which reaches 70 meters.
Visitors are particularly drawn to the view of Kaunas from above: truly spectacular.
To reach the highest point you can go up with a comfortable lift (2.50€ per person) or, alternatively, on foot (1.50€ the cost of the climb).
It is really worth getting to the top.


Just under 30 kilometers away, the Open-air ethnografic Museum of Lithuania is a truly unique opportunity to admire the history and traditions of an entire people and a whole nation.
From Kaunas we recommend reaching the museum by boat: a truly unique and fascinating journey.
The museum reproduces 4 ancient villages, reconstructed in an incredibly meticulous way, with even the authentic paving and stone. You will find (from May to September) the artisans intent on their activities and work. More info from here.


Akropolis is the real time of shopping and entertainment. It is located in Karialuas Mindaugo pr. 49, about 10 km walk from the Church of Šv. Arkangelo Mykolo. It is a huge shopping center spread over 4 floors. Inside you will find numerous bars, cafes, restaurants with numerous international proposals, including sandwiches and the inevitable pizza! Lots of shops for shopping and lots of entertainment, with a splendid ice skating arena, a bowling alley, a casino and a multiplex cinema! The property has a large multi-storey car park that is totally free.

Basketball is considered the sport par excellence. In this sense, Lithuania is one of the reference points in the field of European basketball. The Zalgiris Arena, in this sense, is the real temple of Kaunas basketball. Maybe you could get lucky and find yourself in one of the Lithuania or home team matches. The complex is located a short distance from the Akropolis, in Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50, on the opposite bank of the Nemunas.


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